Sunday, January 10, 2010

I hope you don't mind another video

I have done another post with the arrival to Martinique, but there is some difficulty in finding more than one or two photo's, I know that there are more hiding somewhere in this nest we call home.

Having made that excuse, I have here some entertainment that hopefully will keep you reader's engaged;

chumann1 on You Tube has made a kite-cam and recorded himself sailing a Dana 24 (I think his boat is really cool!) Chumann1 rocks!

Was that not a wonderful video?

The weather is still too cold for much activity other than staying inside. We spent the night on Barco, the heaters did a fine job of keeping us comfortable and we enjoyed a couple cups of hot java in the warm salon.

I sit here at the Mac with a Mally cat trying to snooze on my shoulder. Have a great week!

1 comment:

Buck said...

Pretty cool vid and a most-appropriate soundtrack (about the ONLY Enya I actually like).

I hope it warms up for ya in the coming week, Darryl.