Thursday, August 11, 2011

Now I have a crush on a boat!

84 feet X 27 feet with six guest rooms

Carries 11K US Gallons of Diesel

Efficient shrouded props will not gather tangles!

This is an "Expedition Trawler"

Listed for $580K, they are asking for offers. I wish I had $300K in cash. This long distance cruiser/trawler was completely refitted from a Shrimper to Cruiser/liveaboard for crew of 12.

With 11K of diesel fuel, I would never have to stop! Well, ok, maybe at someplace nice. If only to top up on beer and other consumables.

The small problem with this boat (besides my total lack of enough cash!) is that it draws 9.5  feet, which would be a problem in some of the Bahamian islands and for that matter the Cook Islands out in the Pacific. I won't even think about some parts of the St Johns River, many sections are less than eight feet. But I think the Barco Crew could overcome any of these objections.

Dolphin Dreams is currently operated as an uninspected dive charter out of the Bahamas and Caribbean.

If I owned that beauty, my plan would be to load up with my friends (Gotta chip in for expenses...) and make the big tour. Imagine a "Long Cruise" (Like in the Navy, only without the endless drills) of six or seven months... Where our course would be set for fun, great weather and small adventures.

Ah well, if we have to dream, let us dream big.

84 feet worth.

I better get back to my desk and sell some more insurance.


Ken n Cheryl said...

Nice boat! We keep buying a lottery ticket twice a week for just this kind of boat. You never know. We didn't win last night, damn it!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

We buy a single ticket for Wednesday and Saturday drawings, too. Since you can see my posting, you can assume that my ticket(s) was/were worthless, too.

But we must dream very large. One never knows!

Buck said...

It's fun to dream. I do it all the time, but my dreams are usually about... oh, nevermind. ;-)