Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ugly times ahead

Woke up to the bad news and I am kind of afraid of what's coming up; Because no budget has been passed since before the 2010 elections there will be a giant cut that starts in January.

Stand by for heavy rolls. I hope our nation does not break up into a Balkanized mess.

I think one result will be that the lower level entrepreneurial folks will become more involved in a cash economy where the government does not get its share of the transaction. I think Louisiana tried to pass a State law outlawing any private transactions over a hundred dollars, a couple years ago. Because there is no way our economy will be able to absorb the huge spending outlay that the Health Care coming up will cost.

Another problem will be the open warfare between the two Houses of Congress. Expect to see a very tenacious pursuit of the Attorney General (Fast and Furious) and of course the State Department will suffer for the Benghazi debacle.

As for me, I will be planning out two courses: 1. Where nothing really changes but we reduce our debts further and adding no new acquisitions. 2. Where we look seriously into returning to a full time boat living situation and give up most of our shore possessions. Especially this house which happens to be the lion's share of our costs. Sure wish we didn't buy during the bubble, we bought for home not an investment and the value has already dropped about 40%. The mortgage is considerably higher than the value.

One thing I really worry about is losing the Tricare military health coverage in favor of the National Health Care. Another thing I fear is potentially losing my pension. The Government hates paying us little people for our service and would love to cut it away to save big.

It's not like we will actually put up a fight about it, right?

"Just stand in line and take what we manage to give you, we have poor people needing their gubmint assistance..." "You military retiree's were able to learn a trade and were employed for twenty plus years..., "...the furniture maker in North Carolina worked for thirty years and got nothing."

Yeah, but the furniture maker was home every night with his family and had a reasonable expectation of surviving his tenure of serving the factory.

The Government Employee Union has better heathcare coverage than us Service retirees, and they will see no changes in coverage or pensions. Pays to be Union who supported the right guy, I guess.

Turbulent times ahead. The DC Masters want a socialist system that cares for the poor (soon to be all of us!) and they will make great progress towards centralized power and control.

We'll see how the holiday spending works out, it should be a bellwether sign of consumer confidence.

Eventually, the Socialists will run out of other people's money. Maybe January is the beginning...


Buck said...

One thing I really worry about is losing the Tricare military health coverage in favor of the National Health Care.

You'll lose it, anyway... when you turn 65 and the military tosses you out on the street and into Medicare... which Obama cut the hell out of to finance Obamacare. In this case: Aiiieee.

That's just one "Aiiieee." You KNOW there are more... lots more.

Ken n Cheryl said...

When we decided to sell our house and live on a boat 3 years ago, it was just to live out a dream and travel. Now, with the house on the market, it's becoming more of a necessity! Glad we started working on this a while ago and can't wait to sell the house ... scary future!

LL said...

Before the election, hoping for a different outcome, I was in the process of setting up a business to import avacados and mangos into the US from Mexico. It would have required employees in both countries and would have had a modest profit margin.

With the outcome that we've seen, the profit margin will end up being '0'. So much for that great idea.