Friday, June 7, 2013

Survived the first named store.(STORM!!!) So what's next?

The first sorta storm went by practically unnoticed yesterday, but the hullabaloo from the news stations wouldmake you  think we needed an ark to get by! Not.

Just a bit of rain was all it was. In fact, the rain and winds are stronger today from the normal afternoon thunderstorm which gives a more thorough drenching and keeps our lawns and gardens watered. The weather news is just a diversion to keep us from noticing any more scandals coming from the cess pit known as Washington, D.C.

The Mom J. Cat had a yellow light bothering her on her car's dashboard, yesterday. So I spent a couple hours meditating on an uncomfortable chair at the local car repair place while they replaced a couple sensors and helped me lose a bit of weight off of my rear quarter. Now the car is UP and can perform its tasks without annoying lights and buzzers to dazzle the driver.

If your car makes any annoying sounds, just turn the round dial immediately to the right of the steering wheel to the clockwise and the annoying sounds will go away. I promise.

No plans for the weekend have been made. I think it's supposed to be rainy but that's normal weather in Summertime Florida, always subject to change. At least it's a bit cooler after the rains, so no big. In other news, I visited the Barco a few moments ago and turned the cooling dials to the "operate" position and checked the fuel levels. We have about 150 gallons of diesel in the tanks, enough for fifteen hours of unfettered freedom on our waterways. One never knows... I have a feeling we will visit the club tonight and habitate onboard after the dining rituals.

Because we can.

Loose Lips still sink ships.

Keep up the fine morale out there, it only gets better, right?!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!!!

Barco sends.


Buck said...

What WAS the name of that first store? Target? Costco? :-)

We've actually had two rainstorms here on THPoNM this week. It's monsoon season!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Damn you, auto cowreck!