Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Evening

There was an eventful Friday planned; First, Someone had to go to Michigan for a wedding, and it wasn't this Unit. So I went to work and The Spousal Unit went home to her family, leaving me to my own devices.

Second, I had invited Mom to dinner, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay home or go to the Club. So I checkened out and took the path of least resistance.

We went to the Club!

AS we were driving over the Ortega Bridge, Mom says excitedly; "What the hell is that!!??

I was kind of annoyed, as I was driving to avoid being run into by the commuter rush. So I answered, "What?"


I looked to my eleven o'clock and spotted the biggest darn waterspout I have ever seen in these parts.

"Whoa.. that's a waterspout... And it is looking like it is over the Yacht Club!"

I sped down Roosevelt to Yacht Club Blvd and made a Left, and slowed down to get a picture.


The Yacht Club staff had better pictures, too. It sat off the Yacht Club for about ten minutes and then headed to down town Jax.

No damage, no runs, no hits and no errors.

So we had a couple of drinks and went to our table at the Formal Dining Room.

The normal happened, we ordered Filet's and a bottle of Chateauneuf De Pape. Of course, Mom and I had a grand old time which was capped off by Port and Cheese. We went into the Pirates Den for Piano Music played by Roger the Piano Player.

2230 came and we got a cab home for Mom, I had a beer to go and I retired to the Barco for a nightcap, some Bob Marley music and finally hit the hay at 2330 with Hyacinth in attendance.

SO I am now up and at'em at the crack of 0900 and preparing to do my normal running around uselessly, gathering parts and doing the chores.

Beautiful day in Jax and I hope everything goes well for all of ewe!


Ann from Montana said...

So much for uneventful - Coooolll pics!

Ann from Montana said...

I "binged" (Bing is MSoft's search engine and I LIKE it) "Jacksonville Water Spout" - has some video of it...actually them, apparently there were 2.

Buck said...

As Ann said: cool pics! Sometimes opportunity strikes and one is prepared. Not all that often in my case, tho...

Your Friday night sounds great! Mine was, as well. Minus the steaks.