Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday and still not finished

Hey there sports fans, busy weekend! Howabout those Red Wings? I feel for the Penguins' fans.

Friday night, I and the Spousal Unit hosted dinner at the Yacht Club. Again, they made us and our guests feel very special and it was a good time. Afterwards, home for an early taps since Saturday was going to be a very long one; as we intended to go to the Outback Crab Shack.


The temps were in the nineties as we slowly made our way South with nary a breath of breeze. I had the generator beating out it's monotone drone as our air conditioning system gamely tried to keep things cool. There was a difference, below decks and every so often we would make excuses to head below for something. After three hours we arrived at the dock expecting a full house, but found it bereft of big boats. Only the go-fast boats that make their own cool breeze were in attendance.

We checked in at the gator, and I prodded our small group to dine indoors. Out of the sun with a little of the cool air wafting refreshing zephyrs around us in the din.

The young lady with the green shirt was our kind server, she worked very hard to make sure that our guests had the best seafood that the St Johns river had to offer.

Naturally, Roger and Janice (Beaujolais) shared a low country boil for two, while I had ribs. The food order was in front of us in five minutes!

Happy Campers!

Like I mentioned earlier, it was hot. The Hyacinth Kitteh was not amused, since she still has her winter coat on.

She mostly stayed curled up around Janice's feet, taking a moment to stretch every so often;

We departed the Crab Shack at 1800, heading home. Our generator stopped running (I think we either clogged the water inlet with a foreign object or it is that impeller failure problem) either way, we were without A/C. It was a beautiful sunset cruise, here is a view of the West side of the river;

Soon, we passed NAS Jax and made the turn west towards the yatch (Sp. int!) club.

Roger handling lines in the dark;

Sunday, we went to the Jacksonville Landing to the Tall Ships Festival. I only went under threat from the Better Half, as I never do any function involving crowds. It was a good time, we saw several great ships and they all were underway to fight a sham Sea Battle with Schooner's against "Pirates". Complete with cannonades!

We watched from the comfort of a table at the "American Cafe", we had a corner table right upstairs from Hooters. We could enjoy the battle and the great view of the river. Pictures will follow!


USA_Admiral said...

That sounds like a really wonderful weekend.

Buck said...

I'm thinking that "low country boil for two" would be just perfect for me... and me ONLY. It's way past time I indulged my inner seafood demon, and Red Lobster just ain't it. Never was, never will be.

Wassup with that generator, anyway?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hey Buck!

What is, indeed, up with that generator?

Not sure. I will check the impeller and I have my buddy from Scuba Doo to dive on the bottom.