Friday, June 25, 2010

America; We are well and truly screwed.

This by way of Ace of Spades and Innocent Bystander:

Some idiotic, grabasstic piece of trash Democrat Politician in Milwaukee, who holds a College degree in "Human Services" (I wonder about the value of most of our so-called Social Workers) who passionately tries to argue why Milwaukee should boycott Arizona. Food and oxygen is wasted on that nice lady. I would gladly pay her airfare to emigrate to any Muslim Country.

I went over to one of my favorites; Jerry Pournelle and this is his latest;

The United States has still to find a new picture of its role in a more realisticallyconceived future, a future in which Liberal Democracy is not welcomed with open arms -- particularly not if brought in with Abrams tanks -- and a future in which the survival of the United States does not require a military establishment larger than those of the rest of the world combined. We have yet to coldly assess our national interests in China and the Far East; India;Pakistan;The Near East; The Middle East, and this hemisphere. As a result we don't have control of our own borders but we look to control the borders of Afghanistan.

Read Dr. Pournelle's site for the whole essay and weep that he is no longer involved in our Government. Dr. Pournelle and a team of thinkers worked for President Reagan in developing the idea and plans for the Strategic Defense Initiative.


LL said...

The county supervisor is typical of progressive liberals who form opinions in absolute ignorance of available facts. She seems to be karmically connected to Rep Hank (Guam will capsize) Johnson (D-GA).

How these people can function well enough to even fork food into their mouths without assistance is a mystery to me. God knows they could never hold a REAL job and as a result, have found their place in politics.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Amen, LL.

USA_Admiral said...

I did not think I could be shocked by the stupidity of people today. There is always one who really reinforces the belief of how totally screwed we are.

Buck said...


JihadGene said...

Stuck on stupid is what got Janet Napolitano her job!