Saturday, June 12, 2010

Report from Papeete, Tahiti

Got this email from my good buddy, "Roger",  a couple hours ago;

"DO you believe this?‏
From:Beaujolais (
Sent:Sat 6/12/10 8:13 AM
To those about whom I often speak....
Tonight, I am at the marina bar, it's happy hour and I am with people I know. I get introduced to a couple who after 2 hours of conversation say "hey, we know Darryl and Lynne"!!!
They are Lara XXXXx and Jason XXXXX. He races his J24 "Rush" and Lara sailed with Downing XXXX and Greg XXXX.
They said, "yeah, we know Darryl and Lynne XXXX, they are well known at the club". So, your reputation goes before you.... or not heÿ?"

 Harrumph. Friends from the UK, sailing across the Pacific, take an evening in the local Marina bar and strike up a conversation with strangers who happen to know the Spousal Unit and myself.

Not sure if I'm feeling a bit honored that we are a subject of some sort of international gossip  or just how neat it is that the Barco Crew is In-famous.

In French Polynesia.

As a matter of fact, I didn't realize that other members of our Yacht Club even knew who we actually are! I mean, we are pretty low on the Club's social food chain and we rarely branch out to chat with others. We socialize with about five other couples, and that's about it. 

Our Club's Vice Commodore is a fairly influential guy; Dan Marino works for him doing radio and TV advertising. Naturally, I have no idea of what the Vice Commodore looks like, since we don't run in the same circles.

That's what I mean about the Barco Crew being very insignificant, socially. If I was describing Solar System orbits, The Barco Crew would be somewhere out past the former planet, Pluto. But it is a very comfortable orbit.

We may have met Lara and Jason, but we don't remember what they look like. However we appreciate the kind words they evidently said. I bet they went back to their boat trying to remember what we look like!

Lot's of fun going on, for sure. All of us as people are about six degrees of separation from each other.

Just like that actor, Kevin Bacon.

Roger sailing Beaujolais on St Johns river:

Me, a few moments later:


LL said...

You're also important to your blog followers...

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, LL.
I'm really trying to show some humility, but it is cool to have friends around the world.

And that includes all of the nice folks who stop by to read about the Barco.

Buck said...

I'm reminded of that "Friends in Low Places" thang. It ain't the social standing of the circles ya move in, it's the amount of rounds they buy. Or stories they could tell on ya (and vice-versa). Or sumthin' like that. ;-)