Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fun: Political Style

I am in the wrong racket! Alvin Greene just won the primary in South Carolina for U.S. Senator. Nobody knew who he was, and his opponent was the number three ranking Democrat in the State House.  Mr. Green pulled out almost 60% of the Democrat vote.

Hand salute, and congratulations! Always glad to see a fellow enlisted person do good things outside the Service.

Oh, he left the Service involuntarily??? I would bet a buck that his discharge was a High Year Tenure thing, where he failed to promote to the next grade. Nothing dishonorable about that. Although the political talking heads are making considerable hay about the shortness of Mr. Greene's career.

Another scurrilous slander is that Mr. Green is facing charges. Since when is that a disqualification to hold Political Office in this land? In the Democrat Party?? Mr. Greene is innocent until proven guilty. I bet a lint ball that Alcee Hastings might agree. The "Honorable" Mr. Hastings was a Federal Judge who was found guilty by the Con-gress and Senate of these United States of taking bribes and was Impeached.


Yet the "Honorable" Mr. Hastings is a respected Con-gress person, well respected and all that.

If I knew how simple it was to suddenly grab some fame and not a little bit of political umph, I would consider a run for office. The only problem is that I don't come from some sort of protected political class, like a Boston Brahmin, or an "approved" so-called minority group. Like Ethiopian Hebrews. Nope. I have a normal accent and despite my respect and affection for Ethiopian Hebrew's, no one would mistake my facial features as being anything but me.

Alvin's own Party (Democrats) now have disowned him once it was discovered that Alvin Greene actually won the voting contest, fairly and squarely. The Party disowned him immediately and called for an investigation, accusing Mr. Greene of being a "Plant". After all, someone is always manipulating elections, ever since 2000.

At least Mr. Greene has not been found guilty of any crime other than winning his primary. And being a young man looking for a job, why not go big and dream Large?

He can't be a plant; looks human enough to me. I think the Democrat Party is angry that someone slid in there with out doing the normal stuff to get elected, you know, pay off the party glitterati with large quantities of "donated" monies. The other squawk is probably that the Democrat Party didn't realize that some folks will vote for the candidate they like, and maybe not the Candidate that has been properly anointed by the holy leaders of the Democrat Party. Maybe an outsider was the right choice.

So the Democrat's didn't believe this person would win, so they didn't investigate this person fully. Now, they accuse the opposition of using this good man as a tool. And now they want an investigation to exonerate themselves for the responsibility of not vetting this candidate. Perhaps some slimy Rethuglicans voted for this newbie out of spite.

But only Democrats could actually vote for Democrats. Hmmm. Did those good voters choose this candidate because of his looks, without studying the ballot closely for what each candidate stood for?

Just six short months until November, be sure to get the popcorn ready, let's watch a political party implode.


This just in from the Spousal Unit;

"Funny!  You should have also put something in about Corrine Brown hanging up on an NPR reporter when she was questioned about her position on her gerrymandered district!  The fun is beginning....
Then also in Florida we are likely to get a governor with no political experience, who has a lot of money he earned as a golden parachute from a hospital company that paid the largest fine EVER for defrauding the government.  He is 13 points higher than McCollum and Sink isn't even a serious choice so whoever wins the Rep primary will most likely be our next governor - you choose between a corporate crook or a career politician.... "


Sorry for the political comments, it's not my normal thing; But the fun is indeed, just beginning.

Stand By, For Heavy Rolls!


Bob said...

I haven't investigated the SC senate primary candidates, but I'd guess that the rest of them are probably all white guys. I'd be willing to bet that Alvin Green's support was mostly from African-Americans, since they tend to vote in a monolithic bloc.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

...monolithic bloc.

I like to think people make up their own minds. Maybe this election will be where each voter will vote for candidates for the issues they support and not necessarily for the complexion connection.

But then again, the 2008 election was about race.

Buck said...

He can't be a plant; looks human enough to me.

Heh. Double-dang-HEH! Well done, on all counts.

AlysiaDraeger0417永瑞 said...
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Gary said...

Very Good post. I have not been shy in my blog about stuff on the political scene lately but have been reluctant to say much about regional silliness out of pure embarrassment -after all, they may have Green, but we have Brown (sorry, could not resist)....

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Nothing out Moonbat's the Original Moonbat, Gerry Brown.

Buck said...

Uh... point of order. Wouldn't that be "the original MoonBEAM?" Enquiring Minds wanna make sure.