Friday, January 17, 2014

Alrighty, hid out as long as I could...

Been a few weeks, I know. There has been nothing of note to pass along, the thoughts in my brain matter being relatively lonely and sparse, it seems. I am still on a reading jag, Phillip K.Dick's "Eye in the sky", Heinlein's 1939 first novel, "For us, the living", Dick Keresey's "PT-105" and of course, the second installment of Twain's autobiography. Twain had some axes to grind and was very happy to tell of the many people of whom he referred to as "complete asses".

Twain was obviously too polite a feller to use the term Maggot Farmer, or something else with the same first initial.

Today is the thirty-fifth anniversary of my entry into Platoon 3001, Third Recruit Training Regiment, Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, 92135.  Senior Drill Instructor was Staff Sergeant Grant. Notable fellow recruit was Private Wayne Adam Ford, we met each other at the Oakland Armed Forces Processing Center earlier that day and rode on the PSA flight to San Diego. He is residing at San Quentin now, just across the Bay from nearby Oakland as a permanent guest of the People.

I wonder if Wayne Ford is thinking about that particular day right now? Probably not. I would venture he is thinking of ways to get someone to send him money for the prison commissary, because snacks don't just show up on their own, do they?

Private Ford was a good friend and I was glad to know him back then, but time has gone by and things move on to wherever they go. We last saw each other in August of '79 while we were at the Schools Command at NAS Memphis. It was a great summer.

As for me today,  I remain a law abiding taxpayer who continues the grueling mission of searching out new ways to enjoy myself in this life. When evening arrives later, we shall turn our residence over to the longhaired biker/boater who will watch over the bent-tailed kitty and her friends. Phil is well armed and hoping someone makes an attempt to break in so that he can test fire some of his weapons. While the watch is being stood at the Veldt Lounge, the Spousal Unit and myself shall stay at the Beach in an ocean front room with balcony. Why? Because.

Speaking of Bent-Tailed Kitty, she is on my lap moving back and forth and purring, wanting the one hundred pets that some cats require daily. She has claws and wants to roost on my leg…

Now we will cleanse the palate with some fun from the long ago:

This is a great photograph of the Mom-Cat along with She Who Will Be Obeyed as we passed by the Thames Barrier in London in '97, on our way to Calais France. Good Memories!

Mom is trying to out which way is up--She had been without sleep (long flight) for 24 hours!

Have a fine weekend!