Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Back to Palatka

After dropping a goodly amount of cash on keeping the Cypress Moon at the old Naval Base in Green Cove Springs, I was allowed to depart for home with a vessel that now had a working bilge pump. And fresh filters, oil and fan belt. So I have that going for me, which is nice. I headed solo in a southerly direction up the Ol' St Johns river on a 20 mile quest for home and hoping to make the tide that lets me rest on our home dock. Fairly simple, just make the engine roar louder with go-faster fluid and try not to hit any crab traps strewn across the river, thank-ewe. I think I drank a couple liters of water at 500 milliters a go, it was a sultry afternoon! Made it back and made a couple attempts at sideling up to the dock and made it compfortably on the second go-around. Cypress Moon now rests in her home spot and we have a few more tasks coming up. 1. Sand, prime and paint hard top of fly-bridge. 2. Install two Solar Panels, run wiring to batteries. 3. Sand, prime and paint front doors of house 4. Pressure wash all surfaces of Cypress Moon. There, not too much. Right? Photos and stuff; First off, On the way to the boat I decided to stop by the Shuttle Liquid Tank that lives in the harbor. Cool, I actually touched it. It felt like a light weight tank, hard to believe it carries the load it used to. The last couple of pix are of the home dock area. The ski ramp is owned by some neighbors, they won the Red Bull Soapbox Derby a couple years running. They ride bikes into the water on that ramp. Finally, our home dock.
See you out on the water!

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Video Fun

"Quiet, Numbskulls, I'm broadcastin'." Moe Howard Gonna do a video dump of some of the fun going on in our region. Jazz band playing in our living room. Four Swings without a Miss.
Passing Fort Sumter and traveling ten hours offshore to Florida, onboard Cypress Moon.
See you out on the water!