Tuesday, October 4, 2022

We Endeavor to Persevere Hurricane Season 2022

Hello Sportsfans, Long time no see! We are still milling about smartly in Northeastern Florida staying dry (for the most part) and dodging deadly storms in the slick manner to which we aspire. Hurricane Ian definitely was destructive, it was supposed to directly approach us and as the storm interacted with Fort Myers it seemed that the storm began a bias towards the right, Easterly, as it traversed the Florida Peninsula. It is an ugly aftermath down there and we won't know exactly all the loss and damage for a few weeks. This is the view from Tuesday afternoon, the green dot is projected center of storm, we live a few miles North by the Hwy 17 sign.
We dodged a big one. Our location is about 35 miles West from St Augustine and we seem to be in a sweet spot concerning hurricane approaches. We are not immune but we will have a bit of notice before anything blows us down. Here are some images from Thursday while the storm was passing to the South, near Daytona. Our dock and bulkhead are fairly high above the normal water levels so we avoided flooding. Our two sections of swamp worked beautifly absorbing the rising waters. (Our neighbor's dock was destroyed) Our banana plants along the boatramp did not fare so well in the winds. Overall, we were extremely lucky and feel extremely humble. On a separate note; I still visit a few of the old blogs out there, Hello Larry, I do visit the Mirage! Virgil Xenophon, hope you are well, too. Until later, we remain boat-less and free in Palatka, FLA. Barco Actual... Out.