Thursday, August 31, 2023

After the hurricane, we place boat back in water!

We spent a couple weeks overseas, left the boat on the hard in case hurricane or bad storm came to visit, so we had excellent peace of mind while we were out having fun. I paid about $800 on haulout and storage for three weeks, so we had no issues to worry about despite a big hurricane drill on our return. Went back to get the boat today, about twenty minutes later I am tied up at our home dock.
I got clear of the lift and warmed up our 440 horse power beast on the St Johns, I did two passes of the home dock at 18 knots. This video shows me cruising sensibly at 7 or 8 knots.
Initiative comes to thems that wait. DC

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Reporting Safe from the current Hurricane.

Well, We have somehow been incredibly lucky with the current hurricane, but one never knows what is coming over the horizon to cause havoc, right? There is still three more months in the season and we need to stay aware of hazardous weather to come. I was taking amoment to wander the web to check out old friends and their old blogs, looks like more than a few have "departed the pattern" in our life. Not me... We are still here in Florida enjoying the water and life in general in good heath with our friends, local and far away. As a matter of fact, we were visiting Europe for the past couple weeks where we reconnected with our London Friends from 27 years ago. I even purchased some lederhosen to dress up on a tracht kleidung day out in Salzburg! (As always, there was a couple of meters of Schnapps being offered to us)
We spent a couple weeks in Salzburg and two nights in Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic. Proof:
We met a new friend at the Sporer liquor cafe on Getreidestrasse in Salzburg. Albert is the Hauptmann of the Salzburg Guard, he invited us to go to the Rathaus, which is the old Town Hall. We climbed up the tower and had a perfect view of the old town. Then, off to the lounge for schnapps!