Sunday, August 17, 2014

McGirts Creek

Time for some rural boating!  We toodled up a small creek during an afternoon of boating in NE Florida, Bill invited us to take a ride while we were in the parking lot at our club, heading for the Barco. Why not take a ride on someone else's boat and leave the driving to Bill?

McGirt's Creek has been mentioned a few years ago, when we brought the Barco there to test the depths. This time we rode aboard a very fast moving vessel which nimbly navigated the twists and turns of a fairly wild waterway. (Not!)

Plenty of shade kept the 98 degree temperature tolerable and it was a great couple hour journey exploring a waterway we keep overlooking because of its proximity to home base. While cruising the western shoreline, we came upon what appeared to be an unused gubmint dock. We tied up and took a hike to the shore to see what this place happened to be. Turns out to be Ringhaver Park, and it is an eight hundred foot boardwalk we crossed to reach land. No people were nearby so we had the place to ourselves. We might have to visit again in the near future, only we will bring the Barco for the creature comforts we deserve.

Tying up to the dock using the one-and-only cleat.

See you later, alligator!