Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can we have some sunshine now?

The storm has really dumped some water on the region, at least six inches for our locality. Our pool is full to the rim and somebody will be draining a bit using a hose piped out to the street. As for the sky, there seems to be a bit of motion in the clouds and they rotate towards the east in a steady manner. I'm hoping we might see the sun and get a bit of drying. But the plants are really digging the weather, the honey dew vines are expanding outward and our peppers be reaching new heights, too!

The first tomato awaits its fate.

Later on this morning, we will make our way to the Doctor's office for an x-ray and the latest opinion of the bone knitting efficiencies of Her ankle. Let's hope She can put some weight on it starting today so that we can begin the physical therapy path towards walking. This has been a tough merely annoying period for us and we would like to get back to living normally.

So much to see and do! Have a safe day...


Back from The Vet's office;

She Who Will Be Obeyed is healed! Now the next phase, learning to walk again and strengthening the left leg. I picked up a walker device with hand brakes and a basket. The boot will be used sparingly when needed for stability, otherwise she will be up and hobbling about.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and Tropical Storms

Photo shamelessly stolen from the Arlington National Cemetery website. Click to enlarge!

That's the way Memorial Day should be remembered, as a time for the joy of being American. (Please leave off the divisive and insulting Hyphens.)

We had a quickly emerging Tropical Storm arrive last night. Lots of wind and rain, some trees down but for the most part it was just a dress rehearsal for what ever the Hurricane Season will bring in the next five months. This storm popped up just a few days ago, and headed for Jax like a heat seeking missile leaving the Media Clowns quivering in false fear, spreading premature panic throughout the Northeast Florida coastal region.

I checked the Barco for security yesterday at her dock, and will visit again shortly. We were out of the path of any winds and strong waves. Prior proper planning prevents piss-poor performance, right?

Got an email earlier from our friend Phil; The docks at NAS Jax are trashed (Again!). A few of our friends lost their boats to the wind and waves. Phil walked off his boat at 0300, when he was alerted by fellow boaters who were evacuating the docks. Phil says his boats are fine. Glad to hear no one was injured. The Base is replacing the old docks in a month so this event will help speed up the process of changing to newer berths for the NAS Jax Marina.

Have a moment of silence for those who cannot be here with us on this fine Memorial Day, but be sure to have the most fun you can afterwards, safely. I think the fallen veterans would have wanted us to, in their honor.

Turn to and carry on!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Off to see the lizard!

I received the bumper sticker (above) in the mail the other day, sent to me by the Reagan Library. They need some money from me to keep open, apparently. I bought a couple coffee cups from them a couple years ago, so I guess this means we have a relationship. I'm tempted to put it on the back of my truck just to watch the Liberals lose functionality on the road as their hate becomes focused on me.

Ohhh, I miss that guy

We sent the Yooper Ute's home this am, hopefully towing a safe boat and trailer. The original axle had fully confounded us, so yesterday I made the Command Decision to just buy another entire axle and more hubs. About $250 total, and I still had to return three times to the trailer store for additional parts.

Still better than being stuck somewhere with a half assed faulty repair job. I think the boat will provide many days of fun and we look forward to visiting and using the boat in the preferred environment, a small lake. I wish I was making the drive with them, but ya gotta let them learn how to do these tasks on their own. (Nobody ever gave me a boat...) They will do fine.

Click on this link; . I don't care if you aren't into classics, that linked video ROCKS! Ten Thousand Japanese Beethoven fans get together and sing the Ode To Joy as it should be done. My first viewing of a live performance of the Ninth was in the front row watching the London Symphony, back in December '95. I was verily impressed, but watching the video of ten thousand people staying in tune and singing in a foreign language is more than amazing. Watch the entire video, the applause for the Conductor and Lead Singers is inspiring.

Have a fine Thursday!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Confounded by trailer bearings

The Yoopers were here when we returned from the Doctor's, around 1015. It was a 24 hour drive for them and they were ready for the pool and Florida sunshine.

After lunching on some Bubba burgers, Steve and I went to move the little boat into the garage to change the wheel bearings. The operation went downhill fast, and we were like two monkeys f%^&ing a football trying to pull the axle apart. Two hours later we left for new hubs and bearings which took three stops before we acquired all the goods.

By five o'clock we were beaten by the axle again, and we set everything down and left the project for some dinner and some revivifying beer.

We will give it another shot later on this morning, but I think we will see about getting some advice from the Boathouse trailer parts place on Blanding Blvd.

It's always something, right? But having the trouble here is better rather than sitting by the side of the interstate with no options and fewer tools.

Forward, to victory!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Normal Weekend

Glad to be here, Saturday in Jax with great spring weather. Not too hot, sunny with a bit of rolling cloud to help keep the ultra violet rays in sorta check. Another reason to enjoy Florida, and by the way; Great beach weather for those who congregate on sand near salt water.

Today, we will be running a few errands, followed by dinner with Mom at a local eatery. I never celebrate holidays on the day set aside for such celebrations. I hate crowds and amateur partiers.

Monday, we have three visitors coming down from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, one of whom is a freshly graduated college student. This means the pool and the kegerator will be getting a good workout, and maybe we can take a short trip on the Barco just to see if it still runs. After a couple days, the young'uns will return to Michigan hauling our Little Red Boat.

How cool is it to be about 21 and get to own a working motorboat? I think that there will be water skiing on small lakes in the near future. Stay safe out on the water, ok?

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Anybody see a resemblance?



Ok, now the Rest of the Story...

The young gent in the Marine uniform is my Uncle Edward, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting. I grew up hearing stories of Eddie (who had been injured in the invasion of Saipan) from my Mom, and naturally, I always wondered what kind of person he was, what he looked like and all the questions that a young kid would wonder about... Mom had moved away from her family when she got married and they never regained contact. Sometimes it just works out that way, right?

Snooping around the internet, I discovered this photo on somebody's f- book page. The photo was tagged with the right name, the uniform is correct and the eyebrows match to a tee. This is the first view I have had of my Mom's brother, as he appeared in 1945. I think we all look great in our uniforms, when we are in the peak of health and exuberance. It looks like that photo was taken by one of those roving photographers that would take your picture with your friends for a buck, or two. What fun!

Before posting this, I set this to my Mom and she says that I really take after her other brother, looks wise. George was a Soldier, though. (Not that there's anything wrong with that;-) ).

Look closely at that eighteen or nineteen year old Private-- He has Two Battle Stars on his Pacific Theater medal and a Purple Heart. And still a Private, having not reached twenty... Just like so many of our youth today!

There is another photo I cropped out from Edward's picture. It is of his Granddaughter who is currently serving in the Army. Out of privacy concerns (And I have not been introduced to any of these folks!) I cropped her out out. But I am sure their family is quite proud of the service of Grandfather and Granddaughter!

The internet; Gotta love it. Eventually, everything will be on the internet...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Couple photos and a video

We enjoyed the weekend and pretty much recharged the batteries for the coming few days. Wednesday will have me at the Gastro-joint getting a camera inspection of the stomach and the adjoining areas for holes and leaks.

Other than Wednesday's fun we have been doing extremely well, ankles are knitting together properly and I have been acid free, which is nice.

I mentioned the Elvis Impersonator; He was pretty good, and showed us all good time. As the night progressed we got to really appreciate the singing, he had great pipes! The video coming up was taken by I-Phone and it was the first song, so Elvis was just getting warmed up. Not much of a crowd on the concrete pad, but there was a nice mob on the lawn behind us.

I think the highlight came a bit later when Elvis had a twelve person conga line snaking it's way through the pool area. This guy really had a showman's sense to get people moving and reacting.

Overall, a fun time.

If I ever get that round the world boat, I will hire this guy as crew. Could you imagine pulling into a foreign port with your own Elvis Impersonator doing karate moves on deck? The islanders would think we were Rock and Roll gods!

Cool Steve Goodman song;

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another day enjoyed with the Medical Guild


(Ships IMC):Secure from Condition ZEBRA; Set Normal Condition YOKE. Relieve the Watch, set Normal Underway Routine.

Today, I saw the Gastro-Dude. He says I will be getting an endoscopy next Wednesday, and to take little purple pills. Hmm, I'm not as happy as the Spousal Unit on that, but this is a better result than offered by my primary physician.

I will take the sorta-good deals where they land!

Saturday is the Yacht Club's Dock Walloper Party. We might move the boat around front if there is any room on the T-Head. (May even sneak in a little cruise!) We can use a break from our crazy routines and an Elvis Impersonator might just be the tonic.

Have a great Weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Course change

Well. The Doctor was completely surprised at my wellness today.


Not so fast... This is getting ugly, and in ways I have not imagined and no one is more surprised than myself.

Tomorrow I have to visit some other folks who will review my situation. For today, my instructions are a bland diet and nothing after midnight. More lab tests to follow in the AM and my visit to the Specialist afterwards.

But the good news is I saved fifteen percent on car insurance! And my cholesterol is at 160. And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...

Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, apparently I have made some good recent decisions and fortunately for me, nothing is etched in stone.

There will be some good discussions later on, I will pass on whatever info is important for those who need to know. For now, nothing has changed and I am reacting to the worst of my imagination.

(Ship's IMC): Now set condition ZEBRA, stand by for heavy rolls...

Not so fast...

I got an appointment for a Doctor visit scheduled for Tuesday, 0930. I was on time, but had to wait the nominal 15 minutes for their convenience. At 0950, I was directed into a weighing chamber where a nice older lady begins berating me for various issues, none of which are medically related. (She brought up Naval Service because her husband is Navy Retired, Like I give a F&^%$). I bet he enjoyed his Sea Service Time.

I was placed in a waiting chamber and ordered to disrobe to skivvies and to sit on the paper covered throne, the Doctor will soon be in. Time begins to drag and the paper covered elevated table is now uncomfortable, so I pass the moments reading a poster listing the Old Testament family tree from Adam to Jesus.

The Doctor comes in about fifteen minutes later and he asks, "What are you doing?"

"I'm getting my head around this Family Tree and the placement of names/dates".

Clearly, he is annoyed that I disregarded the instructions concerning my staying put in the "People's Pozish". He asks what is the problem today?

I gave the long story and went back to ten days before, covered the stoppage of beer to the cessation of normalcy in my upper abdominal area.

The stethoscope came out, then the breathing exercises and finally, the invitation to lay flat on the back is made. As pressure was digitally placed around the starboard side of my upper stomach, I felt a pain. He tried again with the same result.

"This may indicate that there is something more than just internal gas causing your discomfort, we will order up some more tests for this afternoon; Please stand and drop your skivvies." The Doctor calmly ordered.

I complied, and did the old turn and cough. The reader knows the next indignity...

"Doc', there's nothing wrong there..." I uselessly whined.

"Oh, you are fine there, no enlargement or any issues", My newest Buddy said.

Yeah. I was not keen on any of that crap. Why is it I never get that new blood test they have for prostate health? After twenty years of Flight Physicals and semi regular checks, I am confident that since my prostate has been a veritable truck stop of activity that I will probably miss out on any of the valid health concerns in that area.

The discussion soon turned to my wretched drinking habits, and I was mostly truthful about my daily intake.

"Maybe you are just having D.T.'s, heh, heh", he weakly joked.

"Funny, Doc".

I was then lectured on how I should not consume more than one drink a day.

"Why stop at one?" I replied.

Definitely starting on the wrong foot here and I am sensing the Biblical Rebuke from the "Mayn-ah of-ah Ghawd-ah".

When I replied to the negative of his next query if I was of the Bab-tist faith, he seemed to revert back to jes plain Doctoring.

"We're going to do a Cat Scan this afternoon, get some blood work and see you again tomorrow at 1430."

Oh. Kay.

I was summarily dismissed back to the office and was invited to take a seat. 30 minutes later I was told to hurry to St Vincent's Hospital for my rush Cat Scan.

Why do I need to rush? DId I not cool my heels for thirty wasted minutes???

I went home, reported the results of my fun morning and made lunch for the Spousal Unit. Afterwards, I went to the hospital for a couple more hours of waiting and a test.

Not. Fun.

But the Tech's were very professional and had me going quickly, once I was inside the room with the Multi-Million Dollar machine (That goes "Ping!").

The I.V. was expertly placed in my left arm, but the stuff they pumped gave me such a bad taste in my mouth that it was all I could do to hold "it all together" for the final moments of the scan. I had to have the Technician give me an expectoration container as my mouth was over-filled with saliva, a usual indication of imminent hurl.

Hmm. Expectoration. I expect to be spitting up, momentarily, unless you get me something to place this excess saliva.

I soon felt better as the fluids were stopped and the needle was removed and I was released for the next part of my afternoon, off to the Blood office!

The blood draw was relatively painless, but I was completely surprised by the next order for three stool samples.

"Uhh, that ain't happening today", I informed the technician. "Just don't happen to be carrying the gear to perform that little test".

"Oh, it's alright, you have a couple of days to make this happen", the nice lady replied.

This is something new! Doctor never mentioned anything about this little indignity. Ah well. We shall see what we can do to make all that occur.

So endeth my little story of woe this week. Today? I feel absolutely great, better than I have since last Wednesday. My next appointment is in about four hours, and I will have a better grasp of what is going on with myself and the options for action.