Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wildebeest Wrides Again...!

We sold all of the boats and got out of sailing for a day, or two.

 Newport 30 Mk II showed up on our step, homeless, lonely and free.

We race on Saturday in the 66th Annual Mug Race with Wildeeest 2.5. Wildebeest 2.5 is named thusly from recommendations from our boss in London, Captain Kirk. He said that it wasn't right to use Wildebeest 4 for a vessel that was smaller than the one we cruised the Atlantic with, all those years ago... So Wildebeest 2.5 it is.

I'm excited. Our Crew is excited... The aforementioned crew was a Class Mate of Lex LaFon, back in 1982 at Canoe U. Buck would be pleased to know this. I wish Buck were here to be pleased.

It is a small world.

Sailing returns to Barco Landing, let's stay tuned to see what happens, 20 years later!

Wildebeest OUT!