Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I dug this ancient video up and posted "as is".

Back in March of '90, I had a friend drop by unexpectedly. Geno Parker was traveling the world and looking for his next domicile. He had gone to Australia, Thailand, China, Japan and all over America. He was looking for the place that was warm, had cheap wimmin and a good local economy. Or was that Good weather, warm wimmin or whatever.

He calls me up at One in the morning on a Thursday to tell me he was in Daytona and for us to meet up.

History: Geno was my room mate in the BEQ at NAS Alameda back in November of 1979. We were very close friends from then on, although he got out of the Navy in 1982. We kept close via phone and infrequent visits.

So I drive to Daytona to visit him (Having cancelled my third date with a hot babe in Pensacola...) and we were at the MTV Spring Break show starring Molly Hatchet.  After the show we drive back to Jacksonville Beach where I lived about 50 yards from the sand and I had a Hobie Cat that I had purchased a few weeks earlier, but was still learning to use.

This is the evidence of that weekend, and good thing; She Who Will Be Obeyed was disappointed on my no show, and this proved that Geno and I were up to good. For a change...

I wish Geno trusted me to use his camera because there is no images of him on this tape. But those things were about $800 bucks back then and breaking was not an option.

The tape is in the same condition as when I received it in the mail a few weeks later. I asked for a better copy but it never was to be.

There was a few minutes on the early part of the video but it is unwatchable. So I edited it and the set up of the catamaran out of the end product.

It was a great weekend and I was sorry that my friend had to go traveling. He wound up in San Diego for a number of years and finally returned to Tennessee. He sent me a quick email letting me know that he was moving to Old Hickory to be near his family. I got that email on a friday afternoon, 21 Sep 2001 while at work. I knew we would probably chat that weekend. We usually did.

Instead, his brother called me up that evening.

That's why I kept the video, because it's more important to have a physical touch on the more important memories!

P.S. I got better at the sailing hobby!

DATE OF BIRTH: 03/04/1959
DATE OF DEATH: 09/21/2001
BURIED AT: SECTION PP  SITE 323 Click to view the cemetery map
(615) 860-0086

Monday, November 28, 2011

More sailing, please.

Another blast from the past.


Just got in some 7 year old Panamanian Rum.


Looks like a Scotch ad... Starring Wilbur.

Wilbur be sellin'...

Those who know; Know.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This holiday stuff wears me out!

It is Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend, I have been up for a couple hours and had brekkies and cleaned the resulting mess. We have also set up our reservations at Pensacola's Heartbreak Hotel  Navy Lodge  for the 8th and 9th of December for a grand weekend at the Pensacola Beaches.

So this means we have been sort of accomplishing things.

The Barco Crew is completely shagged out from all of the excitement this weekend. Food has been consumed and we are all lethargically moving step by step; Like three toed sloths. Why, oh why, does a holiday for giving thanks result in so much gluttony?

I know how them feel. 

Next year I resolve to fast instead of over eating. Like the sign says, "Free Beer, Tomorrow!"

We took the Barco Sin Vela out for a four hour trip to Doctors Lake. We went as far as Whitey's Fish Camp, but there were no vacancies at the dock so we went back home. Beautiful day on the water with hardly any other boats out there with us. (They were all at Whitey's Fish Camp...)

I forgot my camera so there are only a couple photos from the I-Phone. Click to embiggen.

Whitey's Fish Camp 

We were back by 4:00 PM and stopped by the club to have some food and watch football.

I guess the next fun thing I get to do is Pensacola Road Trip. Since we will stay on base for two nights, we will be sure to wander around the Naval Aviation Museum and visit the Cubi Point O'Club. And since I am within walking distance, I can imbibe...!

There are also reservations for two nights at the Hilton on the Beach, conveniently located next to Flounders and the Dock. I have a feeling a good time is just around the corner, in just a couple weeks!

Like we don't enjoy ourselves a little much as it is.

See all of you in the next couple days.

Barco Out.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thinking of Thanksgiving... and two updates

We began our holiday yesterday evening at the house and burned burgers. We retired relatively early so that we could feel normal for Thursday's big meal. Naturally, the Spousal Unit and myself were roused by the Meezers at 0420, they wanted breakfast, now. The kitty's seem to know that today is the Big Bird day.

The preparations for dinner (including pies and stuffing) were completed by 0730. A new World's Record!

I wandered through some of my favorite blogs and came upon Lex's observation about some gloryhound Occupy Loser who claimed three tours in the Middle East with career ending injuries.  I really dislike maggot's who lie about their service in an attempt to bad mouth their country. All of us Americans are cheapened by these rectum weasels.

As for me, the only Award I ever wanted but could never receive was the Croix de Candlestick. The reason for never earning this coveted award was that a normal day game at Candlestick Park was cold enough not to mention an extra inning game at night. Only a real Man/Woman baseball fan wears this little badge of courage and endurance.

Besides, an A's game in the afternoon was warmer and much more civilized. I still admire the Giants fans, though. Same goes for the Forty-Niner Faithful. Hardy and tough!

Charcoal is about to be ignited for the star attractions, I fear that Tech Sergeant Turkey will be in for a thorough roasting for his bad behavior, after allowing himself to get stuffed on the Spousal Unit's counter.

Away the all Star Eating Team!!!

Have a wonderful day...

****UPDATE 1****

The Guest is ready for his spa treatment...

I took 70 charcoal briquets and placed them in  the charcoal chimney to be lit. I use the propane stove on the side of our propane bbq to enable the heating of charcoal. There is no lighter fluid just flame on the bottom of the chimney for five minutes.

When the charcoal is appropriately gray, I place 35 briquets on the right and left of the grate of the Weber.

After initial heating, I place the chimney away from everyone to finish heating

New Weber

35 Briquets on each side for indirect heat

Tent the Guest so it stays cozy and safe

Pretty new flowers

Serenghetti Spa and old Weber Kettle

Add ten briquets every hour on each side

Recharge complete replace cover
Every hour you must place the ten briquets on each side. Also, never peek at the Guest, he gets embarrassed and will require another 15 minutes of roasting.

Everyone is in the Sunroom watching the Lions/Packers game. Lots of snacks, cheeses, pickles for your feeding pleasure. Come on by!

To be continued...

Well. The Lions were trampled by the Packers so that left me with cooking. I had a 15 pound turkey cooking for four hours and did not realize it was well done.

Homemade Cran-Chutney

The Guest is ready


Our Guest let loose the stuffing

Buffet Style Dining at the Veldt Lounge

The Dining Facility

Jack proceeds carefully through the Chow Line

The Wine for the dinner; Writer's Block Grenache
 It's 2200 and most everyone is gone to bed or home. Wonderful evening and company. We may go out on the Barco Sin Vela, tomorrow. But for now it is time to hit the rack...

Please enjoy the rest of the weekend safely!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Begin the holiday craziness!

Hard to believe we are at the beginning of the holiday season, especially since it seems that New Years was a couple months ago. As the years pass our time seems to compress and the months become as days.

We have the Spousal Unit's Dad visiting this week and more visitors will arrive at 1500, this afternoon. We shall all meet at the local Elk's Lodge for fellowship and crappy beer. Next on the plan of the day; We will swarm over to the Veldt Lounge And Serenghetti Spa for Bubba Burgers and good beer. Sierra Nevada is on tap along with proper wines and spirits. Guests will enjoy 100 proof Southern Comfort and Flor De Cana Rum while I shall tipple the afore mentioned beer.

I am still working on my online Skipper's course and have to relearn many skills I have slacked off on with the prevalence of GPS and Chart Plotters. For example;


D.23.b.  Example #2 At a speed of 10 knots, it took the boat 3 hours and 45 minutes to go from the Station to the 
shipping channel.  What is the distance to the shipping channel? 
Step Procedure 
1 Convert the hours to minutes for solving this equation.  First, multiply the 3 
hours by 60 (60 minutes in an hour), add the remaining 45 minutes, that is: 
3 x 60 + 45 = 225 minutes. 
2 Write the equation. 
D = S x T/60 
3 Substitute information for the appropriate letter and calculate the distance. 
D = 10 knots X 225 minutes/60 
4 D = 2250/60 
D = 37.5 NM (nearest tenth) 

D.23.c.  Example #3 A boat has traveled 12 NM in 40 minutes.  What is its speed (S)? 
Step Procedure 
1 S = 60D/T 
2 S = 60 x12/40 
3 S = 720/40 
S = 18 knots 

Normally I swag this stuff, but for the course I have to do it properly.

I will be redoing some of the book problems, it seems that I am not plotting the correct way and my  heading answers have been a degree off, usually one to the right. My problem is not being used to navigating with the provided Parallel Rulers. So off to the Barco for a Trusty Portland Plotter.

Parallel Rules

Photo stolen from http://www.swiftsuresailing.com/Course.aspx?id=16

This is a well made video and I could not do it better, so I hope the person who posted this video does not mind my shameless thievery! 

The Spousal Unit and myself learned how to navigate using Portland Plotters. We went to Royal Yachting Association classes held by the Little Ship Club in London, so I find it comfortable to listen to an English accent when the Portland Plotter is explained.

So now I will confidently plot my positions using a tool that is simple and accurate. Sliding rules back and forth is risky for me since I might not be as firm or steady with parallel rules (Or any rules, for that matter) and I cannot bear with failure. 

The next few days will be busy with friends and family and I am hoping that my readers will enjoy theirs, too. Keep a thought for all who cannot be with their loved ones and who keep our society safe while standing guard in the cold.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe holiday season.

Barco Out.


Don't panic, people. I just completed a quick survey and found we are down to 170 bottles of wine. We may have to ration, but we can make it through the next couple weeks...

Friday, November 18, 2011

A moment more of levity

To reflect on the frustrated Communists and Anarchists who are desperately working to foist their failed philosophies on us regular 'Muricans.

One of my favorite films!

Replace "Roman" with "Capitalist". Or even replace Roman with American.

I don't need any failed Marxists to tell me what's good for me.

Have a fun weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey Frying Safety

Thanksgiving is coming up and we are going to enjoy that day and meal with family and friends. I was spying around the 'net and found this Public Safety Ad concerning fried turkey.

I have fried a turkey, I really enjoyed it but didn't care much for the disposal of the hot oil and the plain danger of large quantities of very hot oil. I did not know that you were supposed to turn off the flame before lowering the turkey into the hot oil!!!

After we enjoyed the turkey, I never really used the fryer again, except to boil crawfish. Even so, I got rid of our fryer when we moved to Fort Lauderdale.

Here is the video, sponsored by the Good Neighbor's at State Farm and starring Captain Kirk;


That there scares me. Glad that these videos are getting out to the public and I hope no one has to have the tragedy of being hurt or losing their home because fried turkey is sooo good.

Safety first!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Charlie Mike*

*Continue the mission.

Plowing steadily through my online Six Pack License course, finished and passed tests for the Rules of the Road Modules, and completed the Deck Safety and Environmental Modules, too. Either later today or tomorrow I shall hit the rest of the Deck modules and pass those tests too. The last portion of the course is Plotting/Navigation. I am stressing about that last part because it cannot be performed on the computer but rather on a chart.

Chart work is not difficult in real life because you can use all the tools available like the Mk One/Mod 0 eyeball and look out side for all the info you need. But in a book, they give you minimal info and expect you to use math. All you can do is potentially fail a test, but in the real navigational world, a failure is if you hit something hard and sink. Easily avoidable if you change course quickly...

Naw, it's having to move back and forth from the computer to the dining room table where the charts and tools will be set up for the actual performance of the charting tasks. So my worry?  It's laziness, to be sure!

I hope to have this course done in the next few days so I can do all the other stuff, like prepare for the proctored final, getting a Gubmint ID, paying for a urinalysis and fingerprints (Again!) and then getting  my boating resume together. You have to have 360 days of on the water experience, 90 of which in the past three years.

Oh, I have the time! It goes back to when you are 15 years of age. Including Naval Sea Time? Years... At least I have the four months in the Pacific from last year which is the bulk of the 90 days for the past three years requirement! The Coast Guard guys doing the application review should have an easy time with my stuff.

After I knock out this course I will seek to increase my qualifications by adding towing endorsements and of course the Sailing tickets. To what end, who knows?

Off to the gym!

Have a nice afternoon!

Heh. As for my history of assignments; I kept all the originals from my service record. The Navy got the copies wrapped in my actual service record.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday boating

Saturday was so nice that we decided at 1230 to go boating. We heard that a friend would be at the Crab Shack along with another boat, so we bustered South on the Barco. It was a three hour jaunt with an empty river and 75 degrees of Fahrenheit warmth. What I liked was that everyone was seemingly staying at home because the day had started out cold, approximately 38 degrees in the morning.

Hah! We got to be out!!

There wasn't any wind until we were about to cross the Shands Bridge, the wind began blowing a gentle ten knots from the Southeast. That meant it was breezy for us on the flybridge because we were moving nine knots into it. No big deal, we were soon at Six Mile Creek and tying up to the dock.

We were assisted by the crew of "Nocall" and once secured we prepared for socializing. The evening's plan was for us to visit "Ataraxy" and dine on various snacks. We brought smoked salmon and crackers. Dinner was fabulous, and we chatted until the wee hours of the night. I think we were back aboard Barco at 2130. After a last glass of wine in the quiet of the night we hit the rack by 2200. It was chilly out so I was glad we had warmed the boat with the generator powered heaters.

We were up with the birds at 0700 and enjoyed coffee in the early sunshine. We walked up to the Crab Shack and discovered that they were offering free breakfast. Turns out that Providence Bible Believing Church holds services there at 0900. We ate breakfast and took one of Providence Church's food donation bags back to the Barco and filled it with some of our canned foods for the poor. I dropped it off while the service was in progress. It was nice to see some country folks and bikers all getting their Sunday Church at the Crab Shack.

By the way, if you happen to be in the area on Thanksgiving day, Out back Crabshack is offering free Thanksgiving dinner to all who visit. We complimented the Lady who owns the Crabshack for her wonderful hospitality and expressed our well-wishes for the future. The Crabshack is definitely one of the great destinations for North Florida.

We got underway shortly after 0900 and headed North at about 1400 RPM which gave us 7.5 knots over the ground. We took the following video on the I-Phone. The video file came out looking odd and stretched, so I adjusted the width. Hopefully, it shows ok on the blog.

We were at our home dock at 1230 and called it a weekend.

Have a nice week!


I held the I-Phone in the vertical as I took the images. Should have held it sideways, duh... Eventually I will become proficient in Mac products.

Saturday, November 12, 2011