Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Just two more glorious days to the weekend!

My routine is starting to gel; Hitting the gym and then accomplishing at least one small task a day. Kind of like the twelve step adherents who believe in one day at a time. Today, I shall try a bit harder to make at least one thing come true...

The past three days I have been doing indoor workouts vice the normal five laps around Confederate Point. Today, I did the machines in the gym, followed by 18 minutes on the stairmachine and a couple of laps around the neighborhood. Results so far are five pounds have been shed from the excess tonnage in the past week. Not. Good. Enough.

Also, I leave in 30 minutes to go get my fingerprints and new Insurance license card.

At last. Or rather; Glory-oskies!

This afternoon I have to take the Mao Cat to the vet for the second time this week. He slipped out late Saturday night and apparently took on all the cats in the neighborhood during the four hours of unauthorized liberty. He got a bad bite which we had treated Sunday evening. Now he is sluggish again and has a stuffy nose. I really hope he isn't heading the wrong way in all of this. We never let Him outside (except under tight supervision for maybe five minutes just to roll around on the pool deck) and this shouldn't have been a big deal.

It's my fault though, and I am feeling pretty low about the kitty being ill. I hope it is a coincidence.

After the vet I will pump out another session in the gym to try to get my attitude turned around because I have not the been most positive person to share a room with.

Other bucket list activities to follow in the next month or so:

Clean out the remnants from the past four moves from the attic and the gym closet. Go through and keep necessary junk but eliminate the trash.

Clean out the garage and organize properly.

Go through all the old sailing and boating gear that is lying around and either give away, sell or trade for stuff we need. This includes a six man life raft, two dinghies, a bimini top and frame with other boating related bric a brac.

Finally, I will progress to earning a license as a Coast Guard approved "Operator of an Uninspected Passenger Vessel". I have been intending to do this for the past ten years but fear and air have been keeping me away from my goal. Mostly having a J.O.B. (and laziness) are my excuses. No more excuses (or Job!), time to execute this goal!

Keep safe out there; One never knows when they are going to get bit in the ass by a bad creature.



Buck said...

Grats on the new license, and Good On Ya for undertaking the chores. I still have stuff left to do from my move but the list is getting shorter and shorter. One day at a time is a nice philosophy at ANY point in life.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

"Thanks for being there, Swab." To paraphrase (badly) Captain Ron.

Just got back from the Vet and he seems to be upbeat. But that would be his job, right? Gave the Mao a shot and said, "return next week"..

Another good reason to like 'One Day at a Time' is that it gave us tv watchers Valerie Bertinelli.