Friday, November 4, 2011

Big Weekend

Friday before the big Airshow at NAS Jax. The Blue Angels were here on Thursday afternoon and practiced for two hours. It was great to hear the F-18's going over my house in formation, something about eight engines harmonically in tune making a low rumble at great expense.

Mom and I will have lunch at the Yacht Club so that she can get a chance to see another practice this afternoon. Mom can't quite climb on the boat comfortably, so we will have lunch on the veranda which has a great view of the St Johns River. Not to mention the great bar service. One must make do, mustn't one?

The club will have a live blues band for entertainment tonight, all part of this big weekend. The City of Jacksonville is very proud of the Armed Forces and really turns out every year for this show weekend.

It was very refreshing to be stationed in the Jax area when you compare with Oakland. Oakland and Alameda loved the gubmint money but really didn't like military people. The quiet hostility to the Sailors and Marines was always in the air when they (The Locals) would see us at bus stops and BART.

Until the Navy left the San Francisco Bay Area. And took all the money with them. The local  Congressman, The Honorable Ron Dellums, was heard to complain (After working twenty years to hobble the area military...) "I can't believe the Navy would close Treasure Island Naval Station, NAS Alameda (Which was home to at least TWO nuclear Carriers...) NS Mare Island and Oak Knoll Naval Hospital to spite me. What about the civilian jobs...?"

With many on the Left, it is always about themselves, right?

From Wiki:

Partisan affiliations

Though he ran as a Democrat, and caucused as a Democrat in Congress, Dellums describes himself as a Socialist. In the 1970s, Dellums was a member of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC), an offshoot of the Socialist Party of America. He later became vice-chair of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA),[9] which was formed by a merger between the DSOC and the New American Movement, and which works within and outside the Democratic Party. As of 2006, Dellums is no longer a vice-chair of the DSA.
While running for mayor of Oakland, Dellums was officially registered as a member of the Democratic party.[12][66] All city offices in Oakland are officially non-partisan.
On October 1, 2007, Dellums endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary at a press conference held at Laney College in Oakland. He was named national chair of Clinton's Urban Policy Committee.[67][68]

Shoulda thought about that over the 70's and 80's, Ron. You wrecked an entire region, but then that was probably the goal. Now it is tough for inner city people to get those good gubmint, union jobs on base.

Jacksonville welcomes all the services and can't wait to get more. Our community recognizes where the jobs are created and the locals like and respect the service members, too.

That's what Jacksonville celebrates in the first weekend of November, every year.



I moved the Barco, with the help of our friend Phil and Pat. The F-15 was flying early followed by two P-51's and a Warthog. At the Commissary, the aircraft were turning and burning on top of the parking lot. After acquiring our snacks, I drove back to the club and was treated to the sight of an F-4, A-10 and P-51 doing the legacy formation on top of the Barco Sin Vela. I wonder if they could see me loading goodies onboard while they had all the fun?

Just got a call from Mom; She wants to know why I'm home and not at the club?

Have a great weekend!


Gary said...

I am really jealous. I love the Blue Angels and wish I could be sitting on the veranda with you and Margaret sipping a rum and coke and watching the arieal acrobatics. I know you'll have a great afternoon.

You are right on about Dellums and the Bay Area. He and his crowd have cost thousands upon thousands of good paying civilian jobs plus the financial support of thousand more stationed service personnel.

Well, I guess you must sacrifice in the name of ideollogy - as long as it is not you or your family that is making the sacrifice...

Ken n Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We've never seen The Blue Angels, or been to an air show for that matter .. sounds awesome! Have a great time!

Buck said...

I have faint memories of SFO as a military town. My Dad retired to San Jose in 1960 and we got our medical care at Oakland Army Hospital at that time, in addition to making the occasional commissary run to the Presidio. I don't ever recall going to Alameda... mebbe the Ol' Man had sumthin' against the Navy. But yeah... I've seen the difference between communities that are military friendly and those that aren't, so I know what ya mean.

Enjoy the show!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, everyone!