Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thinking of Thanksgiving... and two updates

We began our holiday yesterday evening at the house and burned burgers. We retired relatively early so that we could feel normal for Thursday's big meal. Naturally, the Spousal Unit and myself were roused by the Meezers at 0420, they wanted breakfast, now. The kitty's seem to know that today is the Big Bird day.

The preparations for dinner (including pies and stuffing) were completed by 0730. A new World's Record!

I wandered through some of my favorite blogs and came upon Lex's observation about some gloryhound Occupy Loser who claimed three tours in the Middle East with career ending injuries.  I really dislike maggot's who lie about their service in an attempt to bad mouth their country. All of us Americans are cheapened by these rectum weasels.

As for me, the only Award I ever wanted but could never receive was the Croix de Candlestick. The reason for never earning this coveted award was that a normal day game at Candlestick Park was cold enough not to mention an extra inning game at night. Only a real Man/Woman baseball fan wears this little badge of courage and endurance.

Besides, an A's game in the afternoon was warmer and much more civilized. I still admire the Giants fans, though. Same goes for the Forty-Niner Faithful. Hardy and tough!

Charcoal is about to be ignited for the star attractions, I fear that Tech Sergeant Turkey will be in for a thorough roasting for his bad behavior, after allowing himself to get stuffed on the Spousal Unit's counter.

Away the all Star Eating Team!!!

Have a wonderful day...

****UPDATE 1****

The Guest is ready for his spa treatment...

I took 70 charcoal briquets and placed them in  the charcoal chimney to be lit. I use the propane stove on the side of our propane bbq to enable the heating of charcoal. There is no lighter fluid just flame on the bottom of the chimney for five minutes.

When the charcoal is appropriately gray, I place 35 briquets on the right and left of the grate of the Weber.

After initial heating, I place the chimney away from everyone to finish heating

New Weber

35 Briquets on each side for indirect heat

Tent the Guest so it stays cozy and safe

Pretty new flowers

Serenghetti Spa and old Weber Kettle

Add ten briquets every hour on each side

Recharge complete replace cover
Every hour you must place the ten briquets on each side. Also, never peek at the Guest, he gets embarrassed and will require another 15 minutes of roasting.

Everyone is in the Sunroom watching the Lions/Packers game. Lots of snacks, cheeses, pickles for your feeding pleasure. Come on by!

To be continued...

Well. The Lions were trampled by the Packers so that left me with cooking. I had a 15 pound turkey cooking for four hours and did not realize it was well done.

Homemade Cran-Chutney

The Guest is ready


Our Guest let loose the stuffing

Buffet Style Dining at the Veldt Lounge

The Dining Facility

Jack proceeds carefully through the Chow Line

The Wine for the dinner; Writer's Block Grenache
 It's 2200 and most everyone is gone to bed or home. Wonderful evening and company. We may go out on the Barco Sin Vela, tomorrow. But for now it is time to hit the rack...

Please enjoy the rest of the weekend safely!


Buck said...

You rolled out an hour and a half before I went to bed (my bedtime: 0400 MST). But you put it to good use, and for that you deserve congratulations.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Darryl.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Same back at you too, Buck!

Buck said...

Nice update!