Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great Wednesday!

I really like the middle of the week. There is blue skies, warm temperatures and the promise of a nice weekend. Whether the forecasts agree or not, I'm hoping for good weather to match today.

Did the gym and that nasty stair machine for the third time this week, followed by two laps around the 'hood. I really like this time of year. Can you tell?

Yesterday, I started my online course for the Six Pack License. Got through three modules before the afternoon was done. It would be nice if I can get all this wrapped up by February. All up to me and my poor study habits. There are some week long courses available, I just don't want to have to drive somewhere when I can do my study wearing my jammies.

That, and I can cheat. The final test is proctored so I will have to honestly abide that one, and really, I will pass that one without having to use any underhanded methods. This boating stuff is not hard and I have used all the knowledge needed/ gained over twenty years of sailing to the good with no mishaps or moving violations. Now we must convince the Department of Homeland Security that I am safe and worthy of the title, "Captain". But first, I have to spend $528.00 for the course, $80.00 for the test, $128.00 for a "TWIC", which helps pay for another layer of Union Gubmint Bureaucratic Employees who are there to keep "us" safe (and maintain their f&*%#ing easy lifetime appointment jobs). There will also be a physical exam and urinalysis to make sure I'm safe for the waterways, too. Figure about a thousand bucks paid as fees and there is no guarantee that I will be able to barge (pun-tificating again, am I?) my way into the cloistered Local Tugboat drivers Union and earn dollar one.

Nope, doing this for ego and the possibility of doing something for pay at some later date. It's all about me.

And it keeps me busy at something.

The weather sure is nice outside...

Have a great day!


Buck said...

Dang. It sounds like it's easier to become a Captain in the USN than in tugboats. But I'm sure the bureaucratic hoops are about the same.

wv: fling. Heh.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I don't know about it being easier in the Navy. The Surface Warfare officers are brutally abusive on the Junior Officers aboard ship. I mean seriously mean and personal.

It's always something to slow us down, right?

Thanks for stopping by!

Buck said...

SN2 is a SWO and I met a few of his superiors... they seemed like nice guys. Or mebbe it was the beer.

As a matter of fact, one of SN2's old captains is an admiral now and something of a godfather to SN2. SN2 is going to work for him after he finishes his tour in Pittsburgh. So they ain't ALL bad.