Sunday, November 27, 2011

This holiday stuff wears me out!

It is Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend, I have been up for a couple hours and had brekkies and cleaned the resulting mess. We have also set up our reservations at Pensacola's Heartbreak Hotel  Navy Lodge  for the 8th and 9th of December for a grand weekend at the Pensacola Beaches.

So this means we have been sort of accomplishing things.

The Barco Crew is completely shagged out from all of the excitement this weekend. Food has been consumed and we are all lethargically moving step by step; Like three toed sloths. Why, oh why, does a holiday for giving thanks result in so much gluttony?

I know how them feel. 

Next year I resolve to fast instead of over eating. Like the sign says, "Free Beer, Tomorrow!"

We took the Barco Sin Vela out for a four hour trip to Doctors Lake. We went as far as Whitey's Fish Camp, but there were no vacancies at the dock so we went back home. Beautiful day on the water with hardly any other boats out there with us. (They were all at Whitey's Fish Camp...)

I forgot my camera so there are only a couple photos from the I-Phone. Click to embiggen.

Whitey's Fish Camp 

We were back by 4:00 PM and stopped by the club to have some food and watch football.

I guess the next fun thing I get to do is Pensacola Road Trip. Since we will stay on base for two nights, we will be sure to wander around the Naval Aviation Museum and visit the Cubi Point O'Club. And since I am within walking distance, I can imbibe...!

There are also reservations for two nights at the Hilton on the Beach, conveniently located next to Flounders and the Dock. I have a feeling a good time is just around the corner, in just a couple weeks!

Like we don't enjoy ourselves a little much as it is.

See all of you in the next couple days.

Barco Out.


Buck said...

One of my BIGGEST "what was I thinking" moments comes to me every single time I remember house-sitting for a friend in Fort Walton Beach for a couple o' months and NOT going to the Naval Aviation Museum over in P-cola, only about an hour's drive away, or less. The stoopid stuff I do sometimes REALLY baffles me.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hey Buck,
Thanks for hanging out with us a little bit during this great weekend.

That hour from Egland AFB is a long drive, so I would understand why you didn't drive to the museum.

Why not make a road trip out to P-cola and come out? Only a two day drive and fuel prices have reduced a bit. You might even be able to stay in the BEQ for ten bucks a night. (We stay at the Navy Lodge because I'm not sure how it works out for a married couple in the 'Q).

P.S. I didn't realize that the 8th of December is a mere ten days from now... Fun!

Buck said...

Why not make a road trip out to P-cola and come out?

That's a nice thought but the inertia she is strong. Besides that, I stiffed SN1 for Thanksgiving (not wanting to drive to Kansas in late November) and he would take offense if I drove to P-cola to get drunk with a blog-bud.