Friday, August 31, 2012

The final weekend of Summer!

Labor Day is traditionally the end of summer for most folks in America. As a youngster, I usually didn't care for the idea of having to go back to school after having freedom for the previous eight weeks. But Labor Day usually meant we would have barbecued steak, slathered over with Kraft bbq sauce and sometimes we would even get some sodas with the special dinner!

Times were definitely tougher then, (money-wise) but I thought everyone faced the same tough economic situations.

Speaking of ordeals, Ken and Cheryl report via face-whatever that they are safe with no damage to their home or boat. Great news, for sure!

I talked with my father on the phone last night for a good bit. The subject was a page I sent him from the 1940 Census and how I saw that three of his families lived on the same floor of an apartment building in Jersey City and that Dad was mentioned in the Census as a one year old. Looking at the pencil scratches on the document makes me think of how that Census taker had to sit and chat with those folks and get all the info on everyone living there. It's as if for a moment you can see everyone still healthy and alive and not knowing what was in store for them for the next five years, the happy's, the sad's and so forth. There was some life altering things ahead for everyone living in those apartments and that little snapshot in time says so much. Then we talked about politics and the Convention in Tampa. The result of the evening was that I stayed up to 12:30 am watching the big speeches. Uggh. Eastwood should have stayed on whatever script he was supposed to use, his off the cuff comments were disjointed and really didn't help anything so it  might have been better if Clint E. had come on another night. The other speakers were great and I know who I am voting for; The Guy with the business savvy to get the U.S. back afloat financially.

This afternoon I will be back to studying for next Thursday's tests. There will be steaks or prime rib for Sunday's barbecue and the Mom-Cat will be present for the traditional festivities. The rest of the weekend will be on the boat doing boat like things.

Enjoy this truly American holiday weekend, safely!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac and plans

My plans are futile with Isaac coming to visit New Orleans. Literally "all dressed and ready to go" and I get the email telling me to stay home.

"Maybe next week", the email read.

My days are spent like a hermit reading over obscure texts and nothing else is getting done throughout my world. Frustration!

Like a bad haiku,
I await word

When my sights are set on a target I will ignore everything outside the reticle and aim with laser intensity on the goal. Plus, I hate the extended time worrying about the whole issue of this little test. The reader might see why I prefer to be out on the ocean because there are no other worries there but the job at hand. Land life tends to overload us with all of the sensory stimuli; TV, News, Economy, Neighbors, Laws, Pushy Politicians, lack of cash and so on.

Waaah, waah, wah. The Waahmbulance is here!

All right, back to business and on to the books. The Spousal Unit just called and told me to get on the charts and do some more plotting.

My late Uncle used to call his brother "Isaac".(because he's very thrifty!)  Maybe it's a message, I don't rightly know.

Stay dry out there!

P.S. Ken and Cheryl are in the impact zone. Keep them and their boat "Nirvana" in mind and think good thoughts for them. I hope this storm keeps as weak as can be and leaves as quick as now.

Monday, August 27, 2012

On to the new week

The weekend started off with a puddle of water on the garage floor. It looked like a rerun of Mom's leaky air handler so I reluctantly moved slowly into action. First, I took the Spousal Unit out to lunch. Then we went down to the local Harbor Freight store to look at purchasing an air compressor which I would use to blow out the mud in the air conditioning drain pipe. I even remembered to take the coupon for Harbor Freight out of my current copy of NRA's American Rifleman. (That magazine has everything!)

Darn it, there were at least three types of compressors, some that stay at 40 psi and others at 100 psi. There was even quite the variety in pricing, too. Finally, my decision was to buy an oil-less version for $175, but it would not fit into the Family Truckster. So I returned home empty handed to explore other options. Delays, delays...

I trudged around to the back yard and grabbed our best hose along with a squirting attachment. Dragging a hundred foot hose is not fun in 90 degree heat, but She Who Will Be Obeyed was tired of wading in the garage to her car so I'd better step up the beat! My plan was to use pressurized water to blast the fod out of the drain pipe. If this doesn't work I will drive the truck back over to the tool store and buy the compressor, but maybe I can save a few bucks in the short run.

Note; There are two locking gates between the pool area and the driveway and the locks are all out of reach from where you might be standing. This means I will have to go through the house at least once to unlock and open the gates for easier access. Me thinks that this is supposed to be a fail safe to keep people out of the backyard and pool area. Keeps me out, anyway. I finally hooked the hose up to the driveway spigot, pressurized and dragged the stiff hose over to the air handler. (Remember to remove power to the unit!) I pulled off the front panel and popped the drain line off the pan, stuck the nose of the nozzle firmly into the pipe and squeezed. I let the water run for a few moments and soon the back pressure was completely gone. A call to the Spousal Unit to verify water flow was made and she confirmed that water was indeed flowing freely from the drain. A quick squirt into the handler drain pan to clear it was performed and I declared the job finished, if not a complete wet mess.

My reward was a swim in the pool.

Later on, we dined at the Yacht Club where they were celebrating "Paris in the Pirates Den". A hundred bucks got us a couple plates of wonderful seafood, bottle of Chardonnay and a bottle of bubbly for dessert. We made it an early evening, returning to the Barco Sin Vela around 2130. Here is the blurb advertising Saturday's menu:HHIere is the 

aris in the Pirate’s Den
Saturday, August 25th | 6:00 pm Pirate’s Den Specials
Did you want to go to Paris this summer but just didn’t find the time? Experience Paris in the Pirate’s Den! Classic Parisian food will be served with Champagne Specials!

Fresh Catch with Potato Leek Tart and Chive Fumet
Coquilles St. Jacques
Chicken Provencal with Vegetable Beurre
Noisette Veal with Crab Meuniere and
Brie Mashed Potatoes

I will be in Panama City on Thursday for my test. Have a nice week!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 Prius "Solution"

The Greenest car ever built, it helps the pretentious Eco Car Owner get his carbon footprint to zero.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Long March

Of study... it is endless. But we are focused on results next week and if I have to endure a bit of boredom to achieve my goal? Ok, put me in coach!

Studying the rules of the road and other sundry bits of nautical knowledge isn't that bad but the rereading of various passages concerning navigation can make the eyeballs cross and malfunction and my brain goes to the neutral corner. Or is that the Neutral Zone?

We await the next hurricane and I hope it avoids Florida because we are already saturated with water. Enough of the heavy rains, please. It is also a coincidence that my test next Thursday is in Panama City, which just happens to be in the cone of possible impact from this Hurricane Isaac.


Well, I have my hotel scheduled and paid for and my puzzler been a'puzzlin' on the course materials.

Have a fine weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Mission!

The Barco Sin Vela was called out for a mission, yesterday. The plan was to get us underway after 1600, with a planned return for dinner at 1830.

I arrived onboard at 1000, the job being to ready the boat by cleaning it, inside and out. The galley was organized and everything was wiped down, I got into the forward berth and really took it apart; Oiled the wood, put tools away, made the bed with clean bedding and attacked the head. As I was enjoying a cold PBR before getting to the rest of the job there was a phone call informing me that the times were moved up. "We'll be there in 45 minutes".

Oh. (!)

I stepped up the pace and squared the rest of the interior away and wiped the exterior down fast. My next duty was to get ice into the two coolers and I leapt ashore to gather ice by the tennis courts. As I was walking down the dock the Spousal Unit caught me. I was quizzed about the readiness and she was satisfied with my progress.

Returning to the boat with the ice, I met up with our three passengers in the parking lot and I directed them to the Barco. As we climbed aboard the big rain (Every afternoon, about 2:30!) hit, so I was able to get a delay which enabled the wrapping up of a couple of details. (Platter of Hors d'oeuvres, chill drinks, etc.)

Everyone snacked on shrimp, cheese and sammidges, while we waited for the skies to lighten. About thirty minutes later we were underway for downtown.

After making the football stadium we turned about for home and the weather was perfect for our South Florida guests. It was like the air conditioning was on for us in the river and it was a wonderful trip down to NAS JAX and back to the club. Once at the club we secured the boat and met inside for a fine dinner.

My kind of day!

T-minus seven days until the big test at Panama City! Have a nice day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Well. Movin' on...

I mentioned something in a response to a comment that I may as well bring out to the open;

Next week, (Thursday) I will finally finish up my Mariner's Course (the one I have been ignoring for the past six months!) by taking the Federal Exam for both Operator of Uninspected Six Passenger Vessels (Six Pack) and possibly the 25/50 Ton Master. We will have to see precisely what is what, since I will have to hustle on some ten hours of additional course work. No problem, I gots the times!

This is my constant theme, running to catch up with my disorganized self because of dithering and quibbling these past few months. No excuses other than my failure to properly manage my own time. But I do have about three more months testing/retesting to go before I lose out on the investment I made on the Mariner's Course, so I am really doing ok with my time management. The online portion is complete and I just need to get my paperwork together along with drug screening and  some other administrative bovine excrement the Gubmint requires.

Arrrgh! Can I take the Privateer Exam? Arrrgh.

Usually I wait to mention this stuff when I am done with an exam so that I don't jinx myself with the well wishes offered by my five friends and family.

One cool benefit is that the test will be given in the Gulf resort town of Panama City, at some Dive School place. So a road trip will have to happen and the Kid will be ridin' solo! I'm gonna find me a cool beachside hotel for the night before and study properly for the test. Too bad all the attractive beach dwelling ladies will be gone by the time I show up, school being back in session and all that. (You know, I may need the extra help provided by the nice folks at that link!)

And if I do indeed choke on the test there will be back up dates in September down in Orlando/St Pete. I'd rather not have to pay the extra $95 bucks so I will study and be rested (Whatever that is!) for my ten o'clock showing, next Thursday.

I'll be ok on the test since I will be redoing the electronic course over and over until next week.

That is all!


I called the Mariner School and asked for the 100 Ton Master course, ($268.00) and was given access to the course immediately. The book is on it's way via some uniformed Gubmint Messengers. Anyway, I was online at 1000 and challenged the course's final exam. I got a 90 on the first try. This sucks, I pay all the bucks and literally get the exam on the first shot.

Lets hope I do as well next week, it will be worth it if I can get it all done in one fell swoop!

Hello groovy readers!

New week with new challenges!

I just read a post on another blog and was personally scolded for some kind of hypocrisy vis-a-vis my bad movie review for the film, "Red Dawn". My review was making fun of the movie story line and I was taking gentle shots at what did not exist in the film,  'alternative lifestyles'. I imagined all kinds of funny business in a film that was trying to be serious. Somehow, my musings became a slam against an entire group of people I wasn't even talking about.

It seems that today, we Americans go a bit overboard on not wanting to offend somebody and conferring some kind of heroic victimhood on those who feel put out by words like, "...not that there's anything wrong with that". The reason for the italic emphasis is acknowledgement of the silliness of my previous comment in that post.

Lighten up, Dear Reader. I don't care who or what a person chooses spend their life with or how they find love in their lives. My making fun of a film is not social commentary criticizing anybody's lifestyle choice.  You condemn me for bigotry which does not truly exist, but since I am accused therefore I get to be guilty, because there is no possible defense in the public discourse when one is labeled with Hypocritical Bigot. Which is a Thoughtcrime!

Labeling people is just as bad as being bigoted, but in this case the labeler is sanctified by making the accusation.

The Writer of the Barco Blog writes of many things, and sometimes I am indeed wrong about what ever I happen to be jibber-jabbering about. We have a big boat here and we love everyone to stop by and share, and we also want everyone who reads this blog to feel comfortable. But I am the Captain here and am responsible for the safety and conduct of this vessel. If any of you feel wronged, feel free to say so in the comments or send an email.

Most importantly; Lighten Up. It was only a movie review.

Back to our regularly scheduled fun, ok?

Have a fun week!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays

Yahoo News reports that someone in Lapeer Michigan (Where da heck is dat, eh?) has the winning Powerball ticket.

Just like that! My four bucks is gone, and my dreams of opulence vanish into the smog... I will sweat my sorrow out on the stair machine and work through the pain while inhaling the bitter smell of defeat. Wait; That smell is the cat litter in the Cat Bathroom. Thursday is trash day and I will be swapping out the old for new. Yuck. Especially the yellow newspaper, that is the worst! Cats don't aim, eh.

Somebody has to do the Cat Litter Custodial work, just like that somebody in Michigan will have to endure losing their privacy, tranquility and peace, all because of the luck of the draw. I wonder if they will want to trade for my permanent obscurity over the next few weeks?

Nah. I will always be Cat Litter Custodian, it's my job. Besides, I couldn't handle the notoriety and responsibility of a hundred million bucks. I would probably spend it on boats, airplanes, booze, friends and excess food. Then I would blow the rest of the loot on Pole dancers. You know, the athletic ones from Gdansk. (Not really. I just wanted to be controversial, heh.)

I am really getting into this Netflix online business, there is always some fun film to watch that seems important at 9:00 pm, keeping me up until the wee hours; Say 10:30 pm. At eight bucks a month I can say it is a wonderful entertainment deal. The night before last I watched a Dean Martin comedy, "Who's sleeping in my bed", from 1963. Dino is way too cool, even for today's standards and the film was very much rated G. I recently saw a trailer for the remake of "Red Dawn", so last night I watched the original "Red Dawn". I viewed that film when it was released in 1984 and over the years I had forgotten most of the original story which had what I thought was way too much male on male touching/ hugging/bonding with entirely too many tears for a war film. (I guess one might think that the taboo subject of strong young men camping with guns... not that there's anything wrong with that. Oh the imagery!) The fella's in the film didn't even bother to pay an iota of attention to the two very needy Hot Babes (Played by Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey, growl!) as the Wolverines frolicked with guns in the Arapahoe National Forest. Makes me wonder why they would remake that film, it WAS avant-garde! As you might tell, I'm hoping for less crying and more character development in the new version, perhaps a bit in vain. A small complaint about the bad guys in the new remake; How the heck does North Korea get the wherewithal to invade the U.S? They can't even field enough materials for dinner  tonight much less move masses of troops and gear to Washington State.

Please to suspend your disbelief about remade movies, ok?

I can hear my readers already murmuring, "More Boating, less Commentary!!!"

Message received. August is the hottest month of the year, and we are more suited for shady poolside diversions along with the inevitable barbecue cuisine. So the Barco will remain in her berth for the time being, at least until a new mission emerges.

There is the matter of my One Dollar Lotto ticket for this coming Saturday...

Have a nice day.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Interesting times

August is moving along at a rapid clip and we are almost in the middle. Jacksonville has a primary election tomorrow and we will be there to vote like the other ten percent of the citizenry. I wanna be part of the solution and not the problem!

Can we just get to November, please? Let us get this election stuff over with, because the television news gets more bizarre with each passing day. Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth' has nothing on the machinations of NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/FOX.

Doubleplus-bad thoughts. If I'm not careful I will be invited to the re-education camps, soon. All of these inter-webs are monitored by the good crew at Never-Say-Anything. For our own good... When staying at the lovely Re-education Camp they will feed you. But instead of Chik-Fil A, you get fed Confinement Loaf. And taught to think pure thoughts about the joys of diversity. (By the way- I don't mind the idea of Chik Fil A, I just don't care to eat fried chicken with a pickle sandwich. Just me being picky, I guess.)

Get This: I have an idea for a hit T.V. show; Flog the Congress-Critter! We get a member of the House or Senate and subject them to the scorn and ridicule they deserve for not doing their jobs like they were hired to do. You know, like balancing the Budget like an adult. Afterwards, the Panel takes the rebuked Solon outside for a proper Tar and Feathering which includes the old fashioned ride on a rail out of the studio to the hoots and derision of the audience. Would you watch?

We could make millions in advertising dollars! Who cares about dancing with B-List Stars; These Special Guests would be serving politicians who seem to think the American voter Rube is blind to the shenanigans that go on in the District of Columbia. Empower the Masses. More mind numbing T.V. for the oppressed!

Speaking of our Glitterati in Hollywood; We could have a special show once a month with a Movie Star getting the same Treatment in lieu of a Politician. The "Gifted"Actor/Philosopher, Sean Penn, would be awesome as one of our first special guests!

I'm just an idea guy, you know.

The Spousal Unit's walking skills improve daily and the swelling of the former ankle is reducing, thankyewverymuch. We really are thrilled with the progress. Being pain free is a real treat. Makes me grateful for my good health and for the ability to walk normally.

The Two of us went to the dreaded Outlet Mall in St Augustine on Saturday and we were able to walk slowly about without the need for any stabilizing devices. Our morale boosts with each little victory for which we are most happy!

The mission was to get a new purse, so we hopped into the Family Truckster and sped down I-95 doing about 85 mph in air conditioned comfort, as is our Right as Amuricans. What did the folks do a hundred years ago when they went to the local outlet mall, riding their horses or a dusty ol' train? (I know that Outlet Malls are a recent invention to fleece us smart customers with faux irregular merchandise)

Odd note about that Outlet Mall; The parking lot was crowded with cars, yet the stores we went to were practically empty. Hmmm, makes one think... Maybe people just abandon their unpaid for cars at Outlet Mall parking lots and run off with some hippie chicks to go smoke ganja with the Rastas at St Augustine Beach. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway, we acquired the stuff we wanted and even made an unplanned visit to the Loft and got somebody some more clothes. On sale, naturally.

We went into two purse stores and we were shocked at what Lady's are required to pay for mere hand bags! These bags were costing upwards and past two hundred bucks!! Look; We want a Purse, not an accessory to hold our miniature pinscher... And so it goes.  Now get this;  We happened to be walking by a shoe store and saw purses. Really. Once inside we found two purses that would perform properly at a quarter the price of the fancy pants joints. Bottom line; $52 bucks (Total!) for both purses. And a Beachside burger in Flagler Beach cost $54.00 later on. Go figure... We are doing our part to restart the economy.

Are ewe?

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Please to enjoy your week.

Quick Update;
Not trying to pick on Penn; But I mentioned the "Gifted" Actor above only because I couldn't spell George Clooney or that other special One Percenter; Zach Galifianakis.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Some small news concerning the Barco Sin Vela

At last, we have closed the book on acquiring a new enclosure and cover for our bridge. We had been talking about doing this since we bought the boat in 2008, we just couldn't bring ourselves to plop down the big bucks necessary to make the project happen. $8K is quite a bundle, but the sail makers added in cushions, covers and made the drive from St Augustine to Jacksonville a number of times to complete the mission. Background; We made the project available to local sail makers and had offers of $500 less, but they never included a completely new frame and design. Fuggeddahbout the seat cushions! The other offers wanted to just replicate the cloth and plastic enclosure as it was, which was not going to happen. The previous design was unsat from the beginning and if we are going to pay for a project we expect serious quality.

The plastic enclosure is so clear as to be invisible.

I think we will celebrate with dinner and a night on the Barco!

Now we have to figure out how to pay for all this. (Joking! We saved for this eventuality, it's been four years.) We put the bill on a credit card that has triple bonus points on each dollar spent for purchases over $250. Heh. They won't get enough interest payments to make it worthwhile for the card company. Gimme the points, baby!

Protected from the weather seating area with comfy dry new cushions? Luxury! Slowly, we shall make our way to embarking on that cruise around America's Great Loop and the Barco will be ready for this trip in every way.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ho Hum.

Found this in the driveway about an hour ago.

I was heading out the door, closed the garage and hopped into the truck, expecting to leave for the Barco. It seems the flybridge cover is installed and I wanted to give it a look over before paying the other $4K for the project.

The back window looked odd, I thought. It was beaded over like a heavy rain had just hit. I paid no attention as I closed the door and put on the seat belt.

That was when I heard the sound of a million glass beads hit the bed of the truck, like a bag of ice cubes being spilled on a tin roof.

All I could see was maybe a penny in the bed, perhaps someone threw it at the window while passing by, I don't know.

 Ho hum, my first glass claim and I called the nice folks at USAA/Safelite explaining I had a broken window. They confirmed my coverage but told me I have a $250 deductible.

"Did you know State Farm does not charge a deductible for glass claims in Florida?" I asked. (You see, I used to be working for those good neighbors, and I am still a Florida Licensed 220 Property and Casualty Agent...)

"Well, Safelite and USAA charge a deductible, sorry," said the nice lady. Then she referred to me in my old rank from the Navy which lit me off unnecessarily.

"Please don't call me that. I've been out for 13 years and I earned the title 'Mister'".

We amiably chatted about the claim and I asked Safelite to not arrange for repair just quite yet.

The reason I stopped motion on the claim is that Safelite was hoping to schedule a repair time over the next week.  They gets a bit busy towards weekends, yannow.

Unsat. I expected if I am going to pay $250 bucks, somebody might pop by, say in a couple hours?


"Some time Tomorrow afternoon, maybe between oneish and maybe sixish?"


Mental note:
Why the heck am I talking to a faceless national call center about scheduling a glass repair? Am I not  an insurance professional who knows people in da bidness?

We closed out the conversation with me getting a claim number and the spiel about how much USAA Safelite appreciate my business.

I whipped out my calling card book and called my good friends at T&C Autoglass, Orange Park. I have flipped them at least forty windshield claims in the past three years, and that doesn't account for our entire insurance office staff which was sending them business All. The. Time. This is because of their reliability and how well they treated our most difficult customers to the total satisfaction of those customers. I received nothing in return for sending those customers other than superb service from T&C.

Andrea remembered me and asked to call me back with a price for repairing my 2008 GMC Sierra. She understood that I would be paying for the entire repair and I would be responsible for any reimbursement due me from my insurance company.

Three minutes later I got my price; $165 with lifetime guarantee. "And can we come by your home tomorrow morning to install?" What a nice person!

This stuff happens everyday with auto glass repairs in America. The Glass companies have tough competitors and insurance companies leaning on them to keep repair rates low. USAA and Safelite have a little sweet deal which does indeed keep costs down, but it is a little sweeter for Safelite in that they get the whole deductible, when applicable. In fairness to Safelite, they are a National company with a good reputation for mobile repair and service and there is nothing wrong with earning a profit. State Farm happily does business with Safelite everyday, but in Florida, State Farm does not charge a deductible for any glass replacement. Pays to be the largest Auto Insurer in the USA, doesn't it?

I get no remuneration for saying nice things about State Farm other than an open door to return for employment, whenever I would like to go back.

Bottom Line:
Taking charge of my repair will save me about $85 bucks and I know the folks doing the work. And the insurance company saves the costs of adjusting the claim and having to pay their partners. Win-Win. I still like USAA, I just wish they weren't in so many "Partnerships", especially the partnership with Progressive for boat insurance. But that's just me being choosy.

Insurance "Pro-Tip";

Resist doing business with those nice folks who cruise parking lots and driveways, asking you personally if you knew about the damage on your windshield. If some seedy looking, pushy gent tries to tell you he can arrange for the repairs... Thank him for alerting you, and firmly tell him you will go through your own insurance company. Some company, named for the ocean edge of a continent, has crews of people in many cities looking to drum up business... and these guys get a little premium (say $50 to $100) for finding broken windshields. There is no problem with the quality of work that they do, but they may not have a cost cap agreement with your insurance company, leaving you with possibly owing an additional amount above what your Insurance will allow for the repair.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Middle of this week!

Nothing new to put out in the ether, just doing the daily grind.

Wake up. Feed cats. Drink coffee. Look at internet. Do 45 minutes on stair machine.

Done. Done. Etc.

I am also studying my internet courses.

The Olympics have been fun, but I have weaned myself off and am back to watching tivo'd shows and Netflix. Netflix is the coolest thing we have, hundreds of shows and movies. Last movie of note was "Escanaba in da moonlight". A Buckless Yooper returns to the Deercamp to face his fears, with a few beers. It was enjoyable.

The top has not been finished on the Barco and with all this rain I am getting a bit anxious. The Dock Master at the Yacht club says our flybridge radio is coming on and blaring country western music in the early hours. He has switched it off twice, but it returns... I went by yesterday to find the twang music alive on the boat. I guess there is a short in the stereo due to all the fargin' rain and no cover! So I switched the electrical power from that circuit to the OFF position at the dc panel.

Carry on!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I did watch the games last night.

Is it August already?

Like I predicted the other day about the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team; They whooped on those poor, pretty Russian girls like rented mules! I almost felt bad. I cannot believe the Russian Team rolled over like that, it was sad to see some young and talented athletes lose their collective (Ahem!) cool on world wide TV.

I also saw that nice American girl land on her head in floor practice. Scared me to death, not to mention what her parents felt at that crunching moment.

Great victory for our folks.

Kudos, to those giant (6 foot plus!) ladies on the U.S. Swim team, showing the rest of the world how to kick ass! Now, if our team can only get some great divers to defect from China and join with us. But then, the Olympics would be boring if only the U.S. won the big events so we will just enjoy whatever happens out there. It was great seeing Mexico bringing in the Silver from the synchronized diving event.

Barco News; Gioia Sails called did some work yesterday. I will go check on it and I hope that the installation is progressing.

Have a fine day!


The Sail makers have been working:

I took these photos with my camera at noon.

What Barco looked like before. Note the Radar arch is above bimini.

New Plastic and protective cover attached to Radar arch

The sliding cover has a zipper attached to connect with rear cover while slide is in open position.

New Blue Cover for the front salon windows. Old one had holes.
Looking really nice. Hope it's all completed this week.