Monday, August 13, 2012

Interesting times

August is moving along at a rapid clip and we are almost in the middle. Jacksonville has a primary election tomorrow and we will be there to vote like the other ten percent of the citizenry. I wanna be part of the solution and not the problem!

Can we just get to November, please? Let us get this election stuff over with, because the television news gets more bizarre with each passing day. Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth' has nothing on the machinations of NBC/CBS/ABC/CNN/FOX.

Doubleplus-bad thoughts. If I'm not careful I will be invited to the re-education camps, soon. All of these inter-webs are monitored by the good crew at Never-Say-Anything. For our own good... When staying at the lovely Re-education Camp they will feed you. But instead of Chik-Fil A, you get fed Confinement Loaf. And taught to think pure thoughts about the joys of diversity. (By the way- I don't mind the idea of Chik Fil A, I just don't care to eat fried chicken with a pickle sandwich. Just me being picky, I guess.)

Get This: I have an idea for a hit T.V. show; Flog the Congress-Critter! We get a member of the House or Senate and subject them to the scorn and ridicule they deserve for not doing their jobs like they were hired to do. You know, like balancing the Budget like an adult. Afterwards, the Panel takes the rebuked Solon outside for a proper Tar and Feathering which includes the old fashioned ride on a rail out of the studio to the hoots and derision of the audience. Would you watch?

We could make millions in advertising dollars! Who cares about dancing with B-List Stars; These Special Guests would be serving politicians who seem to think the American voter Rube is blind to the shenanigans that go on in the District of Columbia. Empower the Masses. More mind numbing T.V. for the oppressed!

Speaking of our Glitterati in Hollywood; We could have a special show once a month with a Movie Star getting the same Treatment in lieu of a Politician. The "Gifted"Actor/Philosopher, Sean Penn, would be awesome as one of our first special guests!

I'm just an idea guy, you know.

The Spousal Unit's walking skills improve daily and the swelling of the former ankle is reducing, thankyewverymuch. We really are thrilled with the progress. Being pain free is a real treat. Makes me grateful for my good health and for the ability to walk normally.

The Two of us went to the dreaded Outlet Mall in St Augustine on Saturday and we were able to walk slowly about without the need for any stabilizing devices. Our morale boosts with each little victory for which we are most happy!

The mission was to get a new purse, so we hopped into the Family Truckster and sped down I-95 doing about 85 mph in air conditioned comfort, as is our Right as Amuricans. What did the folks do a hundred years ago when they went to the local outlet mall, riding their horses or a dusty ol' train? (I know that Outlet Malls are a recent invention to fleece us smart customers with faux irregular merchandise)

Odd note about that Outlet Mall; The parking lot was crowded with cars, yet the stores we went to were practically empty. Hmmm, makes one think... Maybe people just abandon their unpaid for cars at Outlet Mall parking lots and run off with some hippie chicks to go smoke ganja with the Rastas at St Augustine Beach. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway, we acquired the stuff we wanted and even made an unplanned visit to the Loft and got somebody some more clothes. On sale, naturally.

We went into two purse stores and we were shocked at what Lady's are required to pay for mere hand bags! These bags were costing upwards and past two hundred bucks!! Look; We want a Purse, not an accessory to hold our miniature pinscher... And so it goes.  Now get this;  We happened to be walking by a shoe store and saw purses. Really. Once inside we found two purses that would perform properly at a quarter the price of the fancy pants joints. Bottom line; $52 bucks (Total!) for both purses. And a Beachside burger in Flagler Beach cost $54.00 later on. Go figure... We are doing our part to restart the economy.

Are ewe?

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Please to enjoy your week.

Quick Update;
Not trying to pick on Penn; But I mentioned the "Gifted" Actor above only because I couldn't spell George Clooney or that other special One Percenter; Zach Galifianakis.


Buck said...

Would you watch?

Depends on who the "Special Guest" is/was and if there would be REAL flogging involved. Tar and feathers are OK, I suppose, but I'd prefer flogging. With a cat o' nine tails. The lines for tickets would wrap around a city block if you selected members of the audience to do the honors.

Good news about the healing process. And you're ENTIRELY right about that "when Mama ain't happy ain't NOBODY happy!" thing.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Can I put Buck on the list for Hippie Chicks and Ganja?;}

Buck said...

As a subscriber... like "Hippie Chick and Ganja of the Month Club?"

Hell yes.