Friday, August 24, 2012

The Long March

Of study... it is endless. But we are focused on results next week and if I have to endure a bit of boredom to achieve my goal? Ok, put me in coach!

Studying the rules of the road and other sundry bits of nautical knowledge isn't that bad but the rereading of various passages concerning navigation can make the eyeballs cross and malfunction and my brain goes to the neutral corner. Or is that the Neutral Zone?

We await the next hurricane and I hope it avoids Florida because we are already saturated with water. Enough of the heavy rains, please. It is also a coincidence that my test next Thursday is in Panama City, which just happens to be in the cone of possible impact from this Hurricane Isaac.


Well, I have my hotel scheduled and paid for and my puzzler been a'puzzlin' on the course materials.

Have a fine weekend!

1 comment:

Buck said...

I'll send my best thoughts yer way in order fer you to avoid the wrath of Issac.

Prolly won't help all THAT much, but ya know what they say: "it's the thought..." yadda, yadda.