Monday, August 27, 2012

On to the new week

The weekend started off with a puddle of water on the garage floor. It looked like a rerun of Mom's leaky air handler so I reluctantly moved slowly into action. First, I took the Spousal Unit out to lunch. Then we went down to the local Harbor Freight store to look at purchasing an air compressor which I would use to blow out the mud in the air conditioning drain pipe. I even remembered to take the coupon for Harbor Freight out of my current copy of NRA's American Rifleman. (That magazine has everything!)

Darn it, there were at least three types of compressors, some that stay at 40 psi and others at 100 psi. There was even quite the variety in pricing, too. Finally, my decision was to buy an oil-less version for $175, but it would not fit into the Family Truckster. So I returned home empty handed to explore other options. Delays, delays...

I trudged around to the back yard and grabbed our best hose along with a squirting attachment. Dragging a hundred foot hose is not fun in 90 degree heat, but She Who Will Be Obeyed was tired of wading in the garage to her car so I'd better step up the beat! My plan was to use pressurized water to blast the fod out of the drain pipe. If this doesn't work I will drive the truck back over to the tool store and buy the compressor, but maybe I can save a few bucks in the short run.

Note; There are two locking gates between the pool area and the driveway and the locks are all out of reach from where you might be standing. This means I will have to go through the house at least once to unlock and open the gates for easier access. Me thinks that this is supposed to be a fail safe to keep people out of the backyard and pool area. Keeps me out, anyway. I finally hooked the hose up to the driveway spigot, pressurized and dragged the stiff hose over to the air handler. (Remember to remove power to the unit!) I pulled off the front panel and popped the drain line off the pan, stuck the nose of the nozzle firmly into the pipe and squeezed. I let the water run for a few moments and soon the back pressure was completely gone. A call to the Spousal Unit to verify water flow was made and she confirmed that water was indeed flowing freely from the drain. A quick squirt into the handler drain pan to clear it was performed and I declared the job finished, if not a complete wet mess.

My reward was a swim in the pool.

Later on, we dined at the Yacht Club where they were celebrating "Paris in the Pirates Den". A hundred bucks got us a couple plates of wonderful seafood, bottle of Chardonnay and a bottle of bubbly for dessert. We made it an early evening, returning to the Barco Sin Vela around 2130. Here is the blurb advertising Saturday's menu:HHIere is the 

aris in the Pirate’s Den
Saturday, August 25th | 6:00 pm Pirate’s Den Specials
Did you want to go to Paris this summer but just didn’t find the time? Experience Paris in the Pirate’s Den! Classic Parisian food will be served with Champagne Specials!

Fresh Catch with Potato Leek Tart and Chive Fumet
Coquilles St. Jacques
Chicken Provencal with Vegetable Beurre
Noisette Veal with Crab Meuniere and
Brie Mashed Potatoes

I will be in Panama City on Thursday for my test. Have a nice week!

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Buck said...

Nice menu selections. My friend Lou is off to Paris this coming Spring... and I'm tryin' to talk her into lettin' me be her bag boy.