Friday, August 31, 2012

The final weekend of Summer!

Labor Day is traditionally the end of summer for most folks in America. As a youngster, I usually didn't care for the idea of having to go back to school after having freedom for the previous eight weeks. But Labor Day usually meant we would have barbecued steak, slathered over with Kraft bbq sauce and sometimes we would even get some sodas with the special dinner!

Times were definitely tougher then, (money-wise) but I thought everyone faced the same tough economic situations.

Speaking of ordeals, Ken and Cheryl report via face-whatever that they are safe with no damage to their home or boat. Great news, for sure!

I talked with my father on the phone last night for a good bit. The subject was a page I sent him from the 1940 Census and how I saw that three of his families lived on the same floor of an apartment building in Jersey City and that Dad was mentioned in the Census as a one year old. Looking at the pencil scratches on the document makes me think of how that Census taker had to sit and chat with those folks and get all the info on everyone living there. It's as if for a moment you can see everyone still healthy and alive and not knowing what was in store for them for the next five years, the happy's, the sad's and so forth. There was some life altering things ahead for everyone living in those apartments and that little snapshot in time says so much. Then we talked about politics and the Convention in Tampa. The result of the evening was that I stayed up to 12:30 am watching the big speeches. Uggh. Eastwood should have stayed on whatever script he was supposed to use, his off the cuff comments were disjointed and really didn't help anything so it  might have been better if Clint E. had come on another night. The other speakers were great and I know who I am voting for; The Guy with the business savvy to get the U.S. back afloat financially.

This afternoon I will be back to studying for next Thursday's tests. There will be steaks or prime rib for Sunday's barbecue and the Mom-Cat will be present for the traditional festivities. The rest of the weekend will be on the boat doing boat like things.

Enjoy this truly American holiday weekend, safely!


Buck said...

Uggh. Eastwood should have stayed on whatever...

Heh. Taste is ALL in our mouths, innit? ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Don't get me wrong; I like Clint Eastwood and I thought some of the speech was pretty funny. The long delays between words, and a sort of stuttering made me feel uncomfortable, like he was about to blow the speech apart.

But yes, we all saw the speech in our own way. I think I would have liked the speech better if it was performed a bit smoother.

Thanks as always, for stopping by!