Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pretty much outta here

I happened to stop into the blog by accident, today. I hit a button I hadn't pushed on the toolbar in a long time and  noticed a couple of recent comments and wanted to respond to those queries concerning my whereabouts...

There is a mention I made a few months back about how I have pretty much disengaged from society, in a posting made from just before Christmas. You might say I have acted on this especially from the lack of postings on this web blog in recent memory. One of my parental units even commented and I didn't even know he was a reader of this internet stuff! The deal is that I have used this venue to arrogantly describe my day to day actions inarticulately blasting my reader(s) with tales of my oh-so-superior lifestyle, bragging about food and maritime transportation devices that I am fortunate to have regular access to.  There are more important things to do in your day and even in mine especially when we are online. My ramblings are really of little utility.

Over the holidays I took a good look at myself and what I was presenting to the public and decided to  gradually disappear from the web blog world. We are still active on the book of faces but with much less of our opinion being put out there. Nobody gives a hoot what I think about stuff anyway. They certainly care even less if I happened to be doing the fun stuff, too.

I had a good time telling a few readers about my experiences sailing boats and some of the other travel we do to various places. Funny, there are some folks that think I make those stories up, trying to be some sort of show off! I did not.  But now my boating stories are pretty much told and worn out and I need to go get some more substantive stuff into the memory locker and maybe later I can pass them back on to you.

In the past few months I have acquired another sailboat, much smaller than what I am used to but it is a boat that operates as it should.  It is parked next to the big boat and I swap safety gear between the two before going for a sail. By the way, the Barco Sin Vela is fully mission capable and will in fact be deploying in 20 days for a trip South. (The one I planned last year and failed to accomplish) Timing and situational opportunity enables a three week (or more!) journey to finally happen but it is not as big a deal as sailing somewhere far away. Which is what I am more interested in doing over the long run. As I have said over and over; We will take the good deals as they present themselves and think ourselves lucky to have the chance to travel and generally have fun.

So... Wrapping this up; It has been a nice opportunity to share a bit of my tom-foolery to the many who have read this blog over the years. I feel it is time to move on since I am getting a bit repetitive and long in the tooth. I send a salute to those who have really kept me going  with the kind comments... my good friend Buck (Especially!), Larry (LL),  Jihad Gene, Bob, Gary G., Alison,  Jeff M (my last enlistee into the Navy!), and many others who have kindly remarked here over the past five+ years.

It has been nice meeting all of you online, and I hope to visit those who know-who-they-are in the near future as road trips come up.

Barco... Out.

But first, I will post this bit of motivational music about working the day shift at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen...

P.S. One never knows...  maybe I can get my 'mojo' back and be able to write something credible and relevant  again, just not feeling the motivation to run my mouth as much as before.