Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I dug this ancient video up and posted "as is".

Back in March of '90, I had a friend drop by unexpectedly. Geno Parker was traveling the world and looking for his next domicile. He had gone to Australia, Thailand, China, Japan and all over America. He was looking for the place that was warm, had cheap wimmin and a good local economy. Or was that Good weather, warm wimmin or whatever.

He calls me up at One in the morning on a Thursday to tell me he was in Daytona and for us to meet up.

History: Geno was my room mate in the BEQ at NAS Alameda back in November of 1979. We were very close friends from then on, although he got out of the Navy in 1982. We kept close via phone and infrequent visits.

So I drive to Daytona to visit him (Having cancelled my third date with a hot babe in Pensacola...) and we were at the MTV Spring Break show starring Molly Hatchet.  After the show we drive back to Jacksonville Beach where I lived about 50 yards from the sand and I had a Hobie Cat that I had purchased a few weeks earlier, but was still learning to use.

This is the evidence of that weekend, and good thing; She Who Will Be Obeyed was disappointed on my no show, and this proved that Geno and I were up to good. For a change...

I wish Geno trusted me to use his camera because there is no images of him on this tape. But those things were about $800 bucks back then and breaking was not an option.

The tape is in the same condition as when I received it in the mail a few weeks later. I asked for a better copy but it never was to be.

There was a few minutes on the early part of the video but it is unwatchable. So I edited it and the set up of the catamaran out of the end product.

It was a great weekend and I was sorry that my friend had to go traveling. He wound up in San Diego for a number of years and finally returned to Tennessee. He sent me a quick email letting me know that he was moving to Old Hickory to be near his family. I got that email on a friday afternoon, 21 Sep 2001 while at work. I knew we would probably chat that weekend. We usually did.

Instead, his brother called me up that evening.

That's why I kept the video, because it's more important to have a physical touch on the more important memories!

P.S. I got better at the sailing hobby!

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Buck said...

Happy and sad, this. You're fortunate that you've managed to hold on to so many tangible memories (vids, pics, etc.), Darryl. I envy you that.

Nice subtitling, btw!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck.

There isn't too much from the 70's and 80's. My memories pretty much began to be saved once I met the Spousal Unit. Thanks for the compliment!