Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and Tropical Storms

Photo shamelessly stolen from the Arlington National Cemetery website. Click to enlarge!

That's the way Memorial Day should be remembered, as a time for the joy of being American. (Please leave off the divisive and insulting Hyphens.)

We had a quickly emerging Tropical Storm arrive last night. Lots of wind and rain, some trees down but for the most part it was just a dress rehearsal for what ever the Hurricane Season will bring in the next five months. This storm popped up just a few days ago, and headed for Jax like a heat seeking missile leaving the Media Clowns quivering in false fear, spreading premature panic throughout the Northeast Florida coastal region.

I checked the Barco for security yesterday at her dock, and will visit again shortly. We were out of the path of any winds and strong waves. Prior proper planning prevents piss-poor performance, right?

Got an email earlier from our friend Phil; The docks at NAS Jax are trashed (Again!). A few of our friends lost their boats to the wind and waves. Phil walked off his boat at 0300, when he was alerted by fellow boaters who were evacuating the docks. Phil says his boats are fine. Glad to hear no one was injured. The Base is replacing the old docks in a month so this event will help speed up the process of changing to newer berths for the NAS Jax Marina.

Have a moment of silence for those who cannot be here with us on this fine Memorial Day, but be sure to have the most fun you can afterwards, safely. I think the fallen veterans would have wanted us to, in their honor.

Turn to and carry on!


Buck said...

I had my moment o' silence earlier... right now I'm finishing off the "morning" coffee on the verandah, with the lovely Ms. Joan Osborne serenading me. It's a BEAUTIFUL day here on THPoNM! I hope the aftermath of the storm brings you the equal...

Barco Sin Vela II said...

A fine day, if a bit rainy... Thanks!