Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another day enjoyed with the Medical Guild


(Ships IMC):Secure from Condition ZEBRA; Set Normal Condition YOKE. Relieve the Watch, set Normal Underway Routine.

Today, I saw the Gastro-Dude. He says I will be getting an endoscopy next Wednesday, and to take little purple pills. Hmm, I'm not as happy as the Spousal Unit on that, but this is a better result than offered by my primary physician.

I will take the sorta-good deals where they land!

Saturday is the Yacht Club's Dock Walloper Party. We might move the boat around front if there is any room on the T-Head. (May even sneak in a little cruise!) We can use a break from our crazy routines and an Elvis Impersonator might just be the tonic.

Have a great Weekend, everyone!


Buck said...

This sounds encouraging. The endoscopy, however, does NOT. Ever had one? The process is no big deal, the prep IS. By that I mean the preparation is an order of magnitude worse than the procedure itself. Dave Barry did a column on that a couple o' years ago... it's pretty funny and TRUE. I'd give a link but you can figger it out.

Have fun tomorrow!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

They wanted to do both 'scopy's and I politely declined the stern inspection. I think they do all those tests because they get paid by the poke. Do ten more 'scopy's by May and get a trip to Cancun!

I just want this to go away.