Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beginning Photo Dump: Rarotonga

I have over 750 photos, some worth seeing, others, well... I'm just a hack with an inexpensive camera. This means that I will do a big photo dump for those interested and for those who would rather view than read my writing.

The beginning shall be in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. This includes a couple of travel pics.

The flight from LA was long and tedious especially since I had to got to Auckland, first. But at the Rarotonga Airport we were greeted by a ukelele strummer and singer. It was really nice with the tropical humidity in the background, made me feel like Hoagy Carmichael or Humphrey Bogart in an old film.

Sorry about the shaky video work, I am just learning. Anyway, back to the dump.

Rarotonga Pics, part two:

Beaujolais, My new home

Favorite little cafe at open air market

They give you an actual Teapot for tea

Local Dancers celebrating Independence Day

Guest Slovenian Dancers 

Doing the old hat dance

They grabbed people out of the crowd to dance

Official Prayer

Local Dancers 

Local Dancers who are quite large

Favorite Indian Restaurant

Rarotonga Beach

Nice little island

A fine beer

My sweaty hat


Gary said...

Sorry you had to interrupt your adventure but very glad everyone is OK. You're getting kinda fancy with the videos - well done! It is great fun to follow along and watch the fun (even via the wire).
Oh, I'd like to have a Lamb Roll and a Cook's Blonde (or 2), please....

Buck said...

I'm lovin' the photos and vids. Keep it up!!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Gary and Buck; Thanks for coming by, the pleasure is mine!

More to come!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Beautiful! I love the mountains and the palm trees ... and so green!