Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Surfacing for three radar sweeps...

Last Wednesday, the Australian crew met the Upper Peninsula/Michigan Crew and began a contest to see who could drain the kegs fastest. Unfortunately, we were to be amazed.

Billiards, loud talk and swimming. They go together.

Body count: Two half barrels, 9  two-fours, 24 champagnes, uncounted wines, two bottles scotch, one of gin and this is all at the house, alone!

We took the Barco Sin Vela out for a three hour tour of the St Johns river on Friday afternoon; Destroyed
4X 24's of beer. 18 Passengers...

I have yet to look at the hundreds of photos and process the evidence. There will be a trip to the Yacht Club to settle up our bill there.

Quick Sea Story: We closed down the club on Saturday night. The Club kindly put our keg outside so we could continue the party while they closed. Mark Zeigler came down to join us (Drummer of Freudian Slip) to help us drink the Sierra Nevada. Soon, we decided to head back to the Barco and wrap things up.

The Barco crew were relaxing in the Sundeck lounge and we noticed that Matt had disappeared. We thought he may have gone home, or fell in the water. Phil did a search of the parking lot and found Matt dragging the Keg and the pumping apparatus across to the docks. They completed the move and we now had Sierra Nevada on tap in front of the Barco, on the dock. Stylin' and profilin'!

We do nothing half way.

The next morning we awoke to lovely sunshine. And a view of the keg sitting majestically in the morning rays. Not unlike the Black trip-tyche you might remember from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

We hurriedly got it together and snuck the gear back to the yacht club before they noticed it missing!

And we noted the lightness of said keg. It was completely empty.

After rushing home, we met with the rest of the family and were treated to the best bloody Mary's I have ever enjoyed. (Thanks, Kermit!)

Right now, we are leaving to take the final Michigan family member to the airport. We will write later with photos.

Thanks for reading, have a nice Tuesday!

 Received and paid bill for Saturday: 7 X 10 ³. Ouch.

But it was fun.


LL said...

An empty keg is a happy keg.

Sweeps show clear, surface the boat...

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Times Two!

Buck said...

But it was fun.

Heh. NO kidding!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Empty keg = good times!