Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor day is here!

This is the holiday weekend when people rightfully enjoy the fruits of their annual labor, and acknowledge the past efforts of those who toiled to build our great nation to what it is today.

My main memory of labor day past was that this was the time that my parents would cook steak on a hibachi in the back yard. Steak was sorta not very regular on our menu, but chuck steak made it at least twice a quarter. So the taste of charcoal lighter fluid, Kraft barbecue sauce and chuck steak will remain forever locked into the memory of the warm afternoon of Labor Day. (Barbecue sauce on a steak; Eeek!)

In the San Francisco Bay Area, namely Hayward and San Lorenzo, we would eagerly (not) look forward to a nasty heat wave that would generally begin after Labor Day. Oh yes, the temperatures will scorch even The City causing all kinds of problems which for me as a youngster, meant being trapped in school on the hottest part of Summer. Without air conditioning, either in our homes or in the cars. I really miss San Francisco!

Fast forward 38 years later: The temperatures in North Florida are down right pleasant! It is in the upper eighties and the humidity is significantly lower and this has us local going outside and rejoicing in a dry manner.

I have air conditioning in the house and all cars. For irony; Our convertible roadster has air conditioning. The wimpification of America is complete, and I am proof!

I alluded a few months ago (vaguely) to some opportunities that were upcoming. A month past, I figured that we were out of the running for that bit and said so publicly on this blog.

Not. So. Fast. Wait for it...

It seems that patience is indeed a virtue and "initiative comes to thems who wait." (That last bit is lifted from "A Clockwork Orange")

Tuesday will be a day of action and change. It isn't as big as we hoped but it is.
She Who Will Be Obeyed has worked long and hard to make some semblance of a successful career, and as the Chief Remora, I have swirled around providing support and affection. Lucky for me she lets me continue hanging around. Very lucky!

A celebratory road trip may be commencing by Thursday morning. We had hoped to go a month around these great United States, but due to tasking requirements, we will have to shorten it to Michigan's UP and Traverse City.

My fantasy search for the boat of opportunity (Remember the Mine Sweeper? It's price has dropped to $34K...) has led me to many more equally fine and fun vessels. Today's fun vessel is called "Beauport"

Only $2.9M and this former Canadian Coast Guard vessel can be yours. WANT!!!

My regret is that I only buy one lotto ticket at a time. A buck for a chance to dream...

One last cool photo lifted from the wonderful web;

Wonderful Photo by Thomas McNulty, 1980, while onboard USS Coral Sea

Please click to biggify! Look closely at the intake of that Phantom and look at the name on the plexiglass. Too. Fargin'. COOL! I went to the Coral Sea website and found stole this. I was stationed at NAS Alameda during this timeframe, and I was at the dock drinking free beer when the Coral Sea came home from this particular deployment.

Have a great Weekend and drive safe, please!

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Buck said...

I'm not too swuft (<== not a typo) at reading in between the lines but methinks congrats might be in order to SWWBO. So... Grats!

I have AC in my lil roadster, too. And I USE it.

Too bad that F-4 jock is doin' time as we speak, but ya can't away from what he did while in uniform. He's prolly the most-accomplished con in the Fed Luxe Prison, too.