Sunday, October 9, 2011

Replying to a couple of nice comments for my previous post

I started a typically long winded reply for two commenters whose regular visits I value;

Ken and Cheryl said, "Last day at your job ... congratulations! Sounds like the weekends will be a lot longer now!"

"... sounds like weekends will be longer now!"

Indeed. Thanks for understanding my need for the endless weekend!

Buck said: "So, what's after the Last Day? A new jobbie-thang? Or a life of indolence and sloth (which I can highly recommend)?

"... life of Indolence and sloth".

Yep. Count me in, sounds like fun!

My point today is that there is much in our daily lives that we all need to accomplish; The only problem is that a person can't get anything done for themselves if they are beholden to an employer during the most productive part of the day, right?

Irony alert: As I was approaching the final days at work I was offered a little thank you gift for my service from the company. I will show it to you at the bottom of the post. It ain't an iron.

There is so much that needs tending in our fun existence here in Jacksonville. And that varnishing on the boat won't appear by magic, by golly. Seven months ago, I paid someone to do that varnishing job, and he said he applied six coats. Well, the varnish is already flaking off showing that maybe two and a half coats had actually made it on. Not his fault but mine in not supervising the job properly. (That and I did let him know I was in a hurry...) Repairing the varnish will be one of the next priority tasks along with emptying the attic and decluttering our garage and side yard. Oh the crap I accumulate!

All that stuff while jumpstarting my physical fitness regime, again. As a slothful person I know about the need to get in better shape and stay healthy. For I am about to enter into the 50's of my life and I need to be in it for the long haul. Like Sinatra in 1965.

Along with my ambitious personal schedule, I hope to take some courses in creative writing in January, at the local State College.  Maybe we can get some of my more readable drivel published in one of the sailing/boating journals. And no, I don't think there is any real money in the writing and publishing of boating articles! Anyway,  if the writing proves ineffective I will have to reconsider the option of hanging my own shingle out as a self employed purveyor of Affordable Insurance (As if there is any such thing!).

I think we can count on me returning to insurance, as one of my other regular readers has published two books and he doesn't sound anything like he has given up his day job!

Now I return to my reply to Buck's comment;  ...I have mentioned before about doing any and all of the fun stuff with the spouse; I am trying to make sure that I enjoy each moment with She Who Will Be Obeyed in a manner that I won't look back years later in regret.  And yes, there is nothing more enjoyable than a day in Michigan during the warm season!

Apologies for the long rant which should be its own post. Ok, we will make it a post!

For those interested in my prize for six years ten months of toil, here it is!

1 Bissell Cleanview Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum

Way more useful than a Navy Commendation Medal, as you will probably already know and agree!


Buck said...

Heh on the Navy Commendation Medal... I think I've posted a pic of me being decorated at my retirement ceremony. Just a photo op, is ALL. Now a spiffy vacuum, OTOH... ;-)

Well, as far as indolence and sloth goes... lemmee say this about all that... you sound like you're gonna be waay too busy to qualify for either. Which means I'll have to take up the slack. But that's OK: I'm more than qualified.

Ken n Cheryl said...

A vacuum ... how original! Enjoy your time, and your unrushed weekday mornings!