Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday, again!

Up at 0530 for the walk around the neighborhood. Dropped off dry cleaning by 0830 and now I try to come up with a few syllables for your reading pleasure.

Yeah, I know;


Next up for me is an hour of torture on the stair machine and after cool down, I repair to the Barco for cleaning the interior. Tonight we dine and frolic at the Yacht Club. Tomorrow the same, only we will do an early celebration of the anniversary. Vintage Port and fine cheeses to round out the night!

Still looking for crew to join me on the big journey to Marathon. I have one definite and a couple more "maybes". Three more weeks until departure, it will be nice if we can have a full complement onboard. Commitment will be easier as we approach the actual journey, I'm sure.

The Northeast is paying some more weather dues. I had an email from a cousin who mentioned the blizzard and I had to be a wiseass and mention Florida and boating weather. Hope everyone up North is buckled in with plenty of supplies to be safe in the storm. One big benefit to having to be snowed in with your family is that you learn to get along with each other. This has only happened to me once, back in 1993. I was trapped in North New Jersey for an extra three days due to snow and I felt confined. In fact, I followed the snow plows out of the hills down to the Turnpike. The lesson learned was to have alcohol in the windshield cleaning fluid because our fluid was frozen solid and unusable. Not good when the windshield becomes opaque with salty grunge from the road.

I will resist living North of Interstate Ten. Unless the compensation reflects the hardships we would have to endure.

Have a fine weekend and stay warm out there!


LL said...

It's squalling in SoCal today and the weekend, while fair ashore will be wicked rough at sea. So your friends on the other side of the island will be amusing themselves in other ways this weekend.

Buck said...

I share your I-10 sentiment, but it's I-40 for me. SOME winter is OK, if only to remind of how much it sucks.