Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello, Ken and CC

 Click on the individual links and read the story of our journeys onboard the Wildebeest III. The more recent stuff was the trip to Oz on Beaujolais, a CSY 44. Please excuse occasional bad spelling and consistently horrid writing. Some of this I had to just speed through and get it down before I lost interest and track of the stories. This is a long story so get comfortable.
Here is a link  that discusses meeting famous sailor, Robin Knox-Johnston:  . The early boating years are sort of described, too.

The journey across the Atlantic: (In order)

7. Brest.

10. Portugal

12. Portimao

13. Rota

15. Atlantic

16. Atlantic 2

19. Again

That's the end of the interesting stuff concerning the Atlantic.

Further reading (And my take-away on boating wisdom; Ocean crossings are easy. The departure is the tough part. Fear and Air are holding us back from our next grand adventure, so let's break through and live!!!)

2010's trip to Oz;

Beginning trip to South Pacific

Sailing with Roger XXXX on Beaujolais in 2010;

Rarotonga to Beveridge Reef

Roger's Niue Link

Beveridge Reef


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