Friday, December 22, 2023

On the hard for the Christmas Season

Well Sports Fans, Christmas 2023 is here, whether we are ready or not! I have a feeling the anti-american folks are gearing up to make a repeat of the 2020 year of hate and discomfort, but today everybody out there seems to want the Silent Night season to come alive. It feels nice outside, so let's have some cheer! Me too. For some reason I am reflecting a bit this year, could be I'm getting on in years and social security checks are on the way. Too bad we don't have grand children to spoil, I guess we will try to make do and fix the boat up a bit. About a month ago, I traveled North on the St Johns to Jacksonville, that journey used to take about fove or six hours, but the Albin 35 can cruise at 16 knots using about eleven gallons of diesel per hour. The trip used three hours worth of time and fuel. One thing I like about the Cypress Moon is that I can comfortably handle the vessel alone, docking and driving. Previously, I had traveled as far as Jax to Daytona solo with last boat, but the comfort level was a bit lacking due to distances I had to run from the helm to the deck to get lines ready, etc. Here are some recent imagery; We recently had new interior and exterior cushions, along with a new enclosure and a sunshade installed.
Recent Journey North;
Cypress Moon is currently at Sadler's Marina getting new bilge pumps, bottom paint, waxjob on the hull and two solar panels on the roof. I have a feeling the Christmas bonus has a new home in someone else's bank after paying for all this new stuff. Come May, we are off to South Florida for a grand journey around the state so all of this maintenance has a purpose. Perhaps Musk's Starling system will make its way onboard, too. We can't go cruising without streaming our Saturday Morning Cartoons now, can we? Have the Best Christmas, hug your family and have a great new year! Cypress Moon Actual, Out.

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