Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Annum!

Christmas is a fuzzy memory and New Years began with a mild pop. There was a great dinner with music at the club, and the funny thing I noticed was that I was quite ready to call it a night by 2230. Roger, Janice and the Spousal Unit insisted that we stay up and watch the partying until at least 0030. Such are the duties I must endure...

Start learning how to date checks with "2010".

The holidays are finally over and all can now return to the toil of regular life. Our guests, Roger and Janice, left for Panama on Saturday so we had a quiet Sunday to regain our bearings for Monday.

Not so fast... Mom's house had a minor plumbing emergency, so we had to reschedule her birthday brunch. Not to be out done, we had a pipe over our bedroom decide that it couldn't handle pressure. So water leaked out and soaked through the ceiling and we had to figure out how to shut off water at midnight. Now we have half the house on "waterhours", which is a Navy misnomer meaning, "No Water, Mon". This means a long walk to the heads and showers of the guest wing of our home. Could be worse!

This morning will require me to schedule a plumber to uncluck this situation.

It is 29°F outside, so no morning jaunt around the ol' neighborhood. There was a return to the gym for our morning exercise where we reacquainted ourselves with our nice rowing machine and stairmaster. I feel a bit awake, finally, and warmth is returning to the bones and extremities as blood carries the energy generated by our motions.

I hope all five readers have a prosperous new year, and let's pull together to make America great!

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Buck said...

It is 29°F outside...

Wait. You live in Florida, right? Does al-Gore know about this?

Happy New Year!