Saturday, January 23, 2010

I loves a Saturday!

Saturday morning... Especially sunny Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week. So much hope for doing cool things, fun stuff like cleaning the house, pressure washing the drive way and maybe clearing the dense clutter from the garage.

Except that we are going to the Barco, instead. I think boating has to happen because the weather is here, I wish I was beautiful.

Went to the Wine Warehouse on Edgewood, yesterday. They had some Montand bubbly for $8.99 a bottle so I felt the urge to spend $114.00 for a case. Good stuff, and it travels well from France. We like to have a bottle while bubbling in the jacuzzi and it is priced right.

As I was collecting up some bottles I heard a familiar voice calling from the front door. I squinted into the glare and saw my Mom coming in. It wasn't a mistake. My Mom was actually coming in and she caught me grabbing bottles of firewater.

In trouble, again!

I bought Mom a few bottles of wine for her stash so it was lucky for both of us. She got to see me for a moment and I got the pleasure of saving her a few bucks. It's what I do, right?

Got the bubbly home and cooked up some beautiful steaks for Spousal Unit, which we ate with great gusto along with a 2003 Chateauneuf De Pape. Dessert was tv with a bottle of the Montand.

Taps was at 9:00 PM.

We will do a couple laps around the neighborhood and head out to the bateau for some river cruising. Maybe we will anchor someplace cozy and hopefully be able to watch the stars.

Saturdays are awesome!

The only way this could possibly be better would be if the Roadrunner show was on and I could be over at Mom's having french toast!

Have a wonderful weekend!

It is 1045, the clouds shot in and obscured the sun. We did our laps and noticed the clouds thickening. I guess I jinxed it by being so happy about the weather.

We are still going to the boat. Hah!

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Buck said...

Ah... the roadrunner. State bird of my adopted home.

Sorry about the clouds, but the rest of the post sounds like the beginning of a great weekend.