Saturday, September 11, 2010

I will try this all again...

Right now, I am at a internet cafe in Nadi (Pronounced "Nandi") I hope I can get this out.

Smuggler's Resort, I just dropped the Spousal Unit off at the Nadi Airport, so I am a bit bummed.

Anyway, it has been a full day; We sailed the first Musket Cove regatta race to the sandbank. What a zoo! Tacking a cutter rigged boat in a race is not easy, we had to pull the genoa around the stay sail at least ten times while passing thorough the wind to avoid hitting coral.


Update on the trip; We left Niue, sailed overnight to Tonga. Moored at the Aquarium club for three nights, went over to the Barnacle Beach for a Tongan Feast (Which included dinner and watching the Grandaughters of the owners do the money dance... don't ask. I was disgusted.

Went to Swallows and Mariner's Caves (See Beaujolais Blog for better photos)

As for me, I have over 700  photo's, but no real time to down load. She Who Will be Obeyed has a 4 Gig disk to down load at her leisure, especially the parts of Fiji that she sailed.

About Fiji; We arrived two weeks ago, checked in and began tmo party in earnest. Beers at the locat Savu-Savu Yacht club were about $6.00 local, about 2 or 3 bucks. Naturally, we tried to empty the stocks. If only for the drill.

Met up with some other cruisers, Sojourn being notable for the guitar and singing benefits they extended.  We had a proper Jimmy Buffett sing  along that will be remembered. "You had to be there"!

So we are now in Musket Cove (Malolo? Island Fiji) where we are representing the United Kingdom (Read; Wales) and the United States in the Musket Cove Yacht Club and Resort Regatta Week. There is free food and beer (Believe it!) and the locals are truly happy to have 67yachts from around the world who are here to enjoy the weather and grat comaraderie of an exclusive (and Free) sailing experience. I will be helping Roger sail Hobie 16 in Sunday's Hobie Challenge.

Embrace  the Suck!

Really, though. I miss the home life, the Spousal Unit and life in the big p.x.  But you gotta just revel in the fun that is really out there, especially in far off places..

What can I say? Nobody likes a loudmouth (Like me...)
Back to boating, right?

Here is the latest video ( I have a bunch standing by...)

Some issues with loading, but please forgive!


Buck said...

Nice vid... it gives us a brief taste of The Good Life!

It sound like life really sucks these days, Darryl. I just dunno how you can stand the pain.

re: Like I said; I let him go on but steered the talk away from our service.

I really don't understand these types. The real heroes, the seriously decorated types, NEVER talk about their service unless it's trading "war stories" (sea stories, to you) at the bar. Anyone and everyone who EVER served knows this... so why do the poseurs continue their game?

LL said...

My heart weeps for your pain...of being away from the Land of the Big PX.

However, I'm glad you're able to make-do.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Nice video... beautiful boat too!