Monday, December 20, 2010

Back at home from the hospital.

Departed home base at 0500 with a tough job looking us in the face, today was the time for the required medical attention that we were a-needin' back in September.

We both were a bit nervous when we arrived at St Vincent's at 0515. There was a crew of greeters and explainers of where I need-to-be stationed right in the entry way, pointing the way to the various stations of the Hospital.

We stopped at a desk where we were pleasantly welcomed aboard with all the paper work ready and within minutes we were in the pre operating standby area. It had a curtain... The Spousal Unit was given one of those lovely green coverall devices and she was instructed to drop full trow.

By 0630 the Doctor was present and everyone mustered to the surgery where the guttin' and cuttin' was going to commence. (Of course, I exaggerate greatly, just to disguise my nervousness!)

We got the briefing from the Anesthesiologist crew and Surgeon and the cocktail was presented to the Guest of Honor. I was asked to kindly leave for the waiting area.

I gave Her the kiss and bade her well as she was wheeled outbound to another hall. My course was set and the traveling was down to the waiting area, whereas I slunk in silently with my sound suppressing headphones donned. Verily, I was jamming with Johnny, Joey, Dee-Dee and Tommy. Cranked to Eleven, as I wanted to appear to be shakin' and quakin' to the tunes. Also, I wanted nobody to be buttin' into my bidness, I needed solitude, baby!

About an hour and a half later I was summoned to meet with the Surgeon who reported that all was complete and that there were no runs, no hits, and most importantly; no errors and the inning was about up. I went to wait some more with a number of rude, flatulent people who complained about the no-smoking rules and the effort it was to walk to the tobacco area.

My name was called forty-five minutes later and I was led to a small recovery hooch where my coherent spouse was in repose. She was required to do a small task and then we were allowed to get her dressed and be wheeled out for discharge.

The five hours were spent well, there is no pain and we look forward to a rapid recovery.

We reflect in gratitude. Once again, St Vincent's Hospital exceeds our expectations and we are very happy with the results, and we are hoping that this takes care of any unfinished business.

On to Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years. I hope everyone is healthy and happy!


Buck said...

I'm glad all went well, Darryl. Hospital waiting rooms ain't the best of places to spend a Monday morning. Come to think on it, ANY place in a hospital ain't exactly a destination-of-choice.

Godspeed to your wife.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck. We are pleasantly surprised with today's event.

Good health to you!

Ken n Cheryl said...

So glad all is well and you both can enjoy the holidays!