Thursday, December 9, 2010

Freezing in Jacksonville and a look to the weekend

A couple months ago, I spent weeks soaked in sweat from the island heat enjoying 32 degree (Celsius) heat. Now, we enjoy the same 32 degrees of heat only in Fahrenheit. Somehow, I am not happier. Neither is the grapefruit tree out back, currently swaddled in black plastic bags to keep from a frosty demise.

I like the great stores and the abundance of foods and everything else, but you can give this cold weather back to the North, I don't want it!

On to important things:

This weekend is the Army Navy football game, a favorite at our house. The bitter tears shed by Army fans are like an annual tonic that lightens my step and brings joy to the hearts of the big and little children who roost at the Barco Home. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with watching the annual Navy smack down of their brethren from the South Hudson Institute of Technology? Popcorn and Brie, says I, along with fine libations to accompany our game viewing pleasure.

Another thing; This will be (for the Seniors in both schools) the final amateur football game to wrap up many years of football and other sports that each Cadet and Midshipman grew up with before they graduate and go out to fight for all of us overseas.

No more fun for these guys, it's all "Marlboro Country" out there.

But on Saturday, it's THE game. The Cadets and Midshipmen deserve some good natured fun and sport and I think we can all use a break from the politics and business as usual.

I think that America wins, no matter the outcome of a mere football game.

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Buck said...

I'll watch the A-N game too, if only for the spectacle and tradition that's in it. I think it's pretty cool that ALL the academies are going to bowl games this year, too.

Sorry about your WX. Keep that tree warm!