Saturday, March 5, 2011

I really like Saturdays

Saturdays are the nicest treat after five days of being in someone else's service.

It's a day of promise; Rest and relaxation, time on your favorite projects (I have none. Lazy) watching TV or just stretching out and doing nothing. The reason it feels better on Saturday is because we expect at the end of Saturday, there is Sunday.

And not Monday, which is the calendar equivalent of a rough hangover.

Not that I ever enjoy hangovers. The term is endure.

We are living in interesting times, the middle east is completely cracking up and departing from 60 plus years of dictatorships to possibly a brief future of freedom before the Religious Authoritarians begin the new Islamic Caliphate.

Which brings me to Charlie Sheen;

Whose idea is it to suddenly refocus our entire media attention away from world changing events to a ridiculous self centered Hollywood actor?

Seriously, what propelled this person into the spotlight? Nothing he does is surprising to me, at least he isn't bombing his neighbors in Torrance or machine-gunning the good people in Watts.

I wonder if the media is trying to get our bumbling Government out of the spotlight so that the average voter does not see how out of touch and inefficient our elected stooges are. And I'm especially pointing the finger at Europe; Those European Governments, who some in our country think are the paragons of democratic governance, can't seem to come up with a rational way of being of some service to their North African brothers who are suffering just five hundred miles to the South.

I think Europe is waiting for America to come to the rescue. But America is too busy worrying about Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen says that when he goes off to do something unhealthy or crazy, and we stop to stare at his car wreck of a life, that it is his gift to us(!) Charlie Sheen has made us forget about our troubles, just for a moment.

And then Mr. Sheen passes his whiz-quiz drug test.

Which I find interesting. Especially after the media has supposedly been telling da troof (Like they always do!) About drug use, and all the other fun stuff. Which again, I. Do. Not. Care. About.

I'm suspecting Charlie Sheen is acting out the role of a lifetime, working for someone who wants to use sleight of hand to distract the discerning public.

And that worries me.

By the way; I like Charlie Sheen's acting and the character he plays on his TV show. I could care less how he deports himself on his own time because it is none of my business. Good luck to him and I hope his show continues.

Back to boating, of which I know a lot more about;

Here are two videos from last weekend, I wish I were out on the water today, which is a cloudy and cool Saturday.

This snippet is a brief view of our speed boat ride with our friend Bill.

Have a nice Saturday. Thanks for tolerating my little meaningless rant, which buffered the empty space before the nice videos!


JihadGene said...

After Charlie Sheen and the middle east, boating sure looks better looong time!!!

Buck said...

Whose idea is it to suddenly refocus our entire media attention away from world changing events to a ridiculous self centered Hollywood actor?

Yup. Ya nailed it: bread and circuses. It's worked since time immemorial. For a while, anyhoo, until the barbarians get here.

Nice vids. Didn't I say that somewhere else? ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

"Nice vids. Didn't I say that somewhere else?" ;-)

Hey Buck; I let you have a preview, that's all.

The Barbarians are already approaching the gates!