Saturday, June 4, 2011

Enjoying hypocrisy

We have all been bored to tears with bloggers riding hard on the Congresscritter from New York, Anthony Weiner. A Democrat. The Honorable Congressman apparently has been sending little twitter notes to his adoring fans, one of which is allegedly a 21 year old female College student, and has allegedly included some distasteful photographs of something. Not sure if it is a pork product, or what...

The left has been saying that all this is nonsense and that we as a nation need to think of important stuff like jobs, economy, and anything not pertaining to a third conflict in Libya (that has gone over the 60 days without any notification to Congress, per the War Powers Act of 1973).
In other words; Nothing going on here, move on...

Back in 2006, the Congressman from West Palm Beach (Not a Democrat) had sent some equally distasteful messages to young persons, who were allegedly above 18 years old and potential voters. The only difference was that these notes were from a Republican.

Now, my beef (sorry, I had to say that) is with the fact that both Congresscritters were doing stupid Sh*& on my fargin' dime. We do have important things in our country that need to be addressed, one of which is the media paying microscopic attention to Republicans while giving Democrat's the benefit of any doubt.


Another issue I have is that the Democrats, long a friend of 'persons of a different love life', really attacked Congresscritter Foley for being Gay. This included the usual slurs (Which a Democrat can use because they have friends who happen to be what ever the slur is about!) and other vicious tactics.
Those doing the attacking say they weren't attacking his being happy, but rather that he was a Republican Hypocrite, and therefore cannot be a member of a protected class.

Wrong is wrong, no matter how the Press tries to spin it. Foley was wrong for texting young people with bad taste messages and lost his position in Congress. Weiner is wrong for doing the same thing and like former Congressman Foley, wrong in denying it.

I will go out this morning and do my part to help stimulate our economy. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Buck said...

I will go out this morning and do my part to help stimulate our economy.

I did MY bit this last week! ;-)