Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two weeks since my last blurb

For my dwindling list of readers; Great Apologies.

No real excuse... It is the middle of the summer here in North Florida and the afternoons are sultry and leave no desire in the normal person to move out of shade or air conditioning.

The Fourth of July was the normal good time, as expected. I got to meet some really nice people on the dock during the brief staycation, including a fellow Navy retiree named Dave, who happens to be a member of the Yacht Club. I find that the two of us make up the enlisted portion of the club, only there to confound the retired Captains and Commanders.

It has been hot and sunny with various thunderstorms dumping down much needed water in the afternoons, so the boating has taken a back seat to relaxing.

There are some big things happening on the personal front, tomorrow. Somebody is having two meetings the result of which may improve our life style, significantly. Please think positive thoughts for us!

Mom just came by my j.o.b.  in her "new" car, it seems she left her mailbox key in her old car. The afore-mentioned car, which is now living in my garage, pending further sale to whomever  would like a 1996 Thunderbird. Cheap. The Mom-Cat made a good deal for herself, trading her T-bird for a 2003 Chrysler 300M. I wish I could be so shrewd in my car dealings...

I was asked earlier, "Where is the next trip heading?"

Charleston, next weekend. We will hang out downtown at a fancy three fork hotel and go watch Elvis Costello at the Convention Center.

No, the Barco will not be traveling. That would take two days to get there along with about 500 gallons of diesel. Nope, we take the rapid transit. We can drop the top once we get off I-95 on the hour long stretch to the coast, where we can enjoy the low country and all its charming finery.

Our friend, The Phil-ster will be keeping the kitteh's fed while we are a-traveling. I hear he likes to swim and frolic as nature intended in our pool when we are away. That thought alone will ensure nobody slinks their way into our yard or home. Yuck!

We will return home early next week.

As for August or September? Nothing etched in wax, yet. But stand by for Action!

Later on:
I happened to be cruising the net and found this little gem;

It is a glossary of common terms used by the residents of St Croix. Sometimes I like to slip in a "dem" here and there, purely for the fun of it. Very good memories of sailing into Christianstad at the Green Cay Marina.


CB Tucker said...

Good luck on the meetings. Hope it turns out how you want it to! Although you already have a boat - how you could your life improve anymore? :)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

..."how you could your life improve anymore?

CB; Thanks for stopping by! I think you are right. We are indeed, very fortunate.