Friday, December 7, 2012

All right; The end of the week!

Another week gone as we travel inexorably to our far off destination... Hopefully way off past 21 December, the end of the so called Mayan calendar. I think that the Mayans got a little tired of carving rock into calendars and merely stopped at a certain point of fatigue. Think of the effort expended for a hundred years? Me guess 'em 21 December 2012 seemed as good as any point for quittin' and besides, they weren't hip to Julian or Gregorian calendars, anyway.

Sometime next week is the anniversary of someone's debut into this plane of existence. I don't like to celebrate those days since they happen on a fairly regular basis, so we endure. I was asked if there was anything particular that I would like to receive as a gift and my regular answer (No.) came out in the usual manner. There really is nothing I want except for an eighty-five foot long distance, sea worthy vessel with the bucks to maintain it. And maybe the Swedish Blonde Bikini Team to act as crew/entertainment/housekeeping.*

My unexpected Prize:

Kelvin White Danforth Constellation binnacle compass!

Eight inch compass card.

New, these things are priced in excess of $3K. Not including the brass.

The oil has no bubbles or cloudiness. All I need to do is get a12 volt power source and twist the wires properly.
I was looking at the last photo and realized my compass heading is South/Southwest. Typical course for me... Please carry on.

A compass from/for a large vessel! Totally Kick Ass!!!

This is the coolest prize evah!

(I know, I'm easily amused...) 

And this is a total surprise at that. A week or two ago, I mentioned that I had seen this particular compass at the local Sailor's Exchange but that I didn't want to buy it because of the high price. Well that idea got the Spousal Unit thinking and she snuck out yesterday and (Had the staff from the store pick it up) placed the compass in the trunk of her car. The trunk being the last place I would look for anything, of course. 

Last night, to celebrate Thursday I cooked up wine-braised short ribs served with Zinfandel, and baked a dessert of double chocolate brownies. As we were chatting about the fine meal I mentioned that I had a plan to acquire that compass after all... 

A look on her face told me something was not right.

"It's in the trunk of the car," she smiled and quickly said.

I'm sure the look on my face was one of complete surprise.

We had a great laugh and I went out to collect my heavy prize. It weighs over 25 pounds, mostly due to a gallon and a quarter of compass oil and the two compensating iron globes on the binnacle. I looked up some comparable devices online and it seems that the nearest compass is about double the value, so I don't feel as bad about the final costs. This is probably the one gift that I am surprised and pleased by, which would be a rarity. Most little things do not impress me except large denomination beer exchange chits. But I digress...

I may not have a ship, but I do have the compass (And it is in a fully operational condition!), and that's a start; To paraphrase a Beatle song from way back.

Anyway, great fun and I will have to get the Nevr-dull out to get a proper shine on my newest acquisition. Now I need to search for a pedestal, maybe two. One for the compass binnacle and another for my very special Spousal Unit! And I can't wait to get a proper ship to use the compass on.

Someday, right?

Tonight it is off to the club for the raffle of $200 bucks. Tomorrow will be some boating action on the river, maybe an overnight trip anchored in some particular harbor. Have a great weekend!

* I love these tongue in cheek commercials about sorta ok (if you're buying) beer.


Bob said...

Ever seen the nautical surplus available at the Deutsche Optik website? A lot of it is ridiculously overpriced, but you can find some bargains occasionally, too. Your compass purchase put it into my mind, as they usually have compasses for sale.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I did not! thanks for the tip, Bob.

On my way to the site...

Buck said...

A slightly premature Happy Birthday to you, Darryl.

Nice compass!

Great ads, too... but seriously bad beer. Unless it's free, at which time it becomes acceptable.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck. Concur about the beer. But there are worse beers that are more popular, like Lite or the Bud Light.