Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I miss the old fashioned 35mm Cameras

I mentioned in the comments from yesterday how I missed my manual Petrie Camera. Found an image online of that camera;

Nothing tricky about it. There was a light meter built into the viewing reticle and you either could make the photo bright or dark via the inner ring of the lens. This made up for the lack of built in flash.

But the problem was using 35 mm film. Has to be developed and scanned into computer for use online.

With life and technology, 'It's Always Something...' that confounds us!

Barco out.

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Buck said...

Hey! I had one of those Petries, too! It served me well for a number of years and then I replaced it with an Olympus OM-1, which I still have but don't use. The last time I ran a roll of film through the OM was in 2000.