Friday, March 1, 2013

UNREP compete. Ready for tasking...

Just got back from the toys are us for adults; Total Wine and beverage. I am not ashamed to say that I left there with a keg of Stella and 40 bottles of premium wines. I think we have enough to get us through the weekend, I don't know. One must endure, mustn't one? It was a long time putting away our supplies, not to mention hauling the half barrel keg from the front yard.

I had my hair cut on base, yesterday. Something about habits and bad barbers that make me go back even after I tell myself that the skill quality is generally poor and all that. This time I ran into one of the Sailors I served with all those years ago. He's a Lieutenant Commander pilot now, natch. He had just finished ruining his hair do, too, and we caught up for a few moments before I got called for a turn in the seat of reduced hair length. Scott was a junior air-crewman (20 years ago!) at my squadron who was pretty lucky and found himself at the right places at the best times. Ahh, the stories we could tell.

Final planning for boat trip will be done tonight or tomorrow, depending when I get with the lone passenger that is available to join the Barco. Kind of a bummer, no one can seem to find the time to mosey South with me. That fact especially goes for the retired folks who seem to have fuller schedules than when they were employed and just will not take the time to enjoy a week underway. If I have to cancel for lack of people, I will. It seems that I remember everyone (I knew) had more time for fun when I was a bit younger and we all had less resources to enable such fun. Weekends were packed into sailboats of less than 30 feet with more bodies aboard than sleeping facilities would allow. I have video, darn it!

Oops... Don't watch that!

Watch this;

Cooler temperatures for the weekend, so be sure to wear a jacket and have fun. Stay safe, too.


LL said...

There are worse things to ballast the Barco with than Dago Red and Torpedo Juice. The problem comes when you use up all of the ballast.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

"The problem comes when you use up all of the ballast."

Aarghh, then we go a pillaging for morrgghh!

Buck said...

Oops... Don't watch that!

But I DID... and I was waiting for a lion or sumthin' to come charging across the veldt. Alas.

Nice shirts in the second vid.