Friday, June 28, 2013

Big Doin's

I will be leaving this morning (in six minutes) to go to my version of work. No, really.

First up; Go to the Barco, untie and head over to Sadler Point for fuel and to have the bottom wiped of slime and barnacles. Fuel will be pricey, looking at about three hundred gallons of carbon gushing number two diesel for our hungry Perkins motors.

I will be lying low starting next week. My right eye will get fixed up followed by the left seven days later. This means for the two weeks I will have the old timer goggles on which will make me look... special. But the net result will be 20/20 distant vision and only light weight reading glasses instead of the windshields I currently enjoy.

Way too much fun, right?

The word for the day is, "Hobart".

Yes. I will be there in seven weeks.

But first, work. I will try to get word back on this site later on.

Have a great Friday!


Just got back home, the rain is starting and I made good on all the day's tasks. Diesel prices are much lower, $3.69 a gallon vice over $4.00 last time. We needed new zincs to be installed so the haulout cost a hundred bucks. Not bad, everything is back in readiness and prices were less than expected. So much for my pay this evening, it all goes to the boat.

I had a leisurely ride back to our home berth, the winds picked up from the west while I made the turn into Pirate's Cove so it was a bit sporty pulling into the berth by myself. There were some minor adjustments to be made to the air conditioning system (I bled air out of the cooling water lines) in the hot engine compartment and I was glad to be successful in that endeavor, too. So we have coolness onboard the Barco and I still beat the weather home.


I read about that sailboat missing in the Tasman Sea. They had left New Zealand for Newcastle, Australia. I sailed to Newcastle a couple years ago and can say that the last night out there was extremely bumpy and I was a bit worried. Hoping those folks turn up safely.

Have a nice weekend!

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Buck said...

You'll like leaving the glasses behind. I only wish I had done that sooner, like 30 years sooner. Good luck with the procedure.

Hobart? THAT sounds like Big Fun!